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Last night, I had the opportunity to take part in a reading session of Caryll Churchill’s Love and Information. It was with a newly found company called Siberian Lights. The founding members are all graduates from RWCMD (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama). 

The company is holding weekly sessions and these are at present, reading sessions to enable women to discuss and read through any type of play. These aren’t necessarily plays written by women, in fact  they want to challenge male dominated plays to see if these can be flipped over and played by women. If not, then how can we change it to make it possible? I’ve never met such a group of strong, opinionated women before. It was refreshing, liberating and hopeful. I think it’s clear that we still live in a post patriarchal society in which the topic of feminism still has a long way to go. Feminism, once we felt was considered a dirty word, is now more understood. Feminism for me is equality for both women AND men, across the arts and everyday living. Whether it’s equal pay or more roles for women in theatre, feminism is somewhat turning into a social revolution. Something that I am definitely proud to be a part of.

It was weird to actually get back into the swing of all things theatre. I admit, I’ve not done any sort of theatre work for a while, so to actually come to a reading session was a little nerve racking but I was instantly made to feel comfortable by all those involved. If you’re a London based actress and you are interested in tagging along to the next session, the details are provided below.

Contact  for more information on how to get involved.

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