Highs & Lows | Week 2

Let’s see how long we can keep this going eh? This week’s Highs & Lows!

I’m pretty sure I can stick with it if I put my mind to it. I mean how hard can this be? And I have to admit it’s pretty nice to reflect on how each week pans out. So here’s to staying on track and not falling off the waggon (which let’s admit, I’ll inevitably fall off it but we’ll pretend it’s all good for now)

Stones Graduation

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Dissertation SUBMITTED!

This has been a great week for Sammy G as he’s submitted his final draft of his dissertation. This means that he’s registered to graduate with an MA this July! He studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He used to do International Politics at Aberystwyth where we met (he’s now working in the theatre industry!) I’m such a proud girlfriend and he works so hard, that he deserves this. It also means I now have a valid excuse to get a new outfit. WINNING!

Because I’m Happy

I’m really happy at the moment and quite content with life which definitely needs to be celebrated. We spend half of our lives criticising and putting ourselves down for all the little mistakes we’ve made, don’t you agree? Now all I need is a Michael Kors matching bag and purse and life would be glorious. I’ve decided that I’m going to treat myself now that I’ve got (and as my dad would say) ‘a nice little earner‘, coming in thanks to my writing skills. My treat is said Kors bag and matching purse when I reach a certain amount saved from blogging. By the looks of things, this will definitely be happening within the next few months. YAS!

The Curated Closet

So I had a moment the other day, where I cleared out 3/4 of my wardrobe. I put them into bags and I’m going to take them into H&M and get the £5 vouchers they are exchanging for old clothes. Clearing it all out was definitely a cleansing moment and I recommend everyone does it at least once a year. I certainly had way too much clothing in my wardrobe that was either old, out of fashion or was just hanging there and never being worn. I think if it’s been in your wardrobe for over a year and you’ve not worn it within that amount of time, it’s definitely time to ditch it.


Never Drop That Alcohol

It was my boss’ birthday this weekend just gone and we had an amazing night. I, however, got very drunk and ended up dropping half a glass of wine down myself. In the famous words of Beyonce ‘never drop that alcohol‘ could not have been more relevant during that moment. I never really tend to get headaches from drinking until later on in the afternoon (or never if I catch it early with a couple of painkillers), but that morning was a total exception and the feeling of my head being stomped on from the inside kept me awake during what was meant to be a Saturday morning lie in. I know – feel for me guys, feel for me.

Gym Ain’t Happening

You know how I said I was going back to the gym last week. Yep, that never happened. I don’t know why I can’t get myself motivated to go the gym but I’m really going to try this week. I promise! I think getting yourself to the gym regularly is really important but it’s so hard to get yourself motivated. I can’t believe that a few years back, P.E was a weekly requirement and I was as fit as a fiddle (and I had a washboard stomach to show for it) but now any form of exercise feels like a massive struggle and the one thing I miss most is swimming. Now unfortunately they’re aren’t many accessible swimming pools near me and any available ones nearby cost an absolute fortune. So I’m either going to have to cough up the dollar to pay for a swimming pool membership or I’m going to get my bathing suit on and do a few lengths of the Thames…

It’s Not About The Money

I mean we all know the feeling when we reach that last week before pay day. Beans on toast anyone? Why is it, that money never seems to last that long. Oh I know, it’s because I spend it. Ha. #scrappinginthepennies

What’s been your highs & lows this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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