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A bit of a mixed one in this post. I recently challenged myself to the 30 Day Ab Challenge and unfortunately I fell at the beginning of the second week. Trying to keep up the motivation and time allocated aside to do the daily workout is difficult. This is the second attempt I’ve made and I managed to get further this time round than last. I believe it was this place that made me fall off the wagon…


A boozy weekend is always going to throw you off a regular fitness or gym routine. Well…it definitely threw me off. I was meant to have done a couple of day’s worth of the ab routine so as not to fall behind but sadly I was too caught up catching up with friends and doing some well needed drinking. Sad times! I always find doing exercise such a monotonous thing unless I’m doing weights (which I love). I need to make sure I keep motivated, drink more water on a daily basis so that my body can help itself and help me!

Ab Goals!

However, this isn’t a negative post because as of now, I’m starting back up again. I also need to commit myself to going the gym more. I’m down to a Size 10 (a 12 in the odd clothing brand) but I really want to firm up and tone parts of my body, particularly my tummy and hips aka love handles. My achievement goal for this will be the 10 year anniversary of Curtain Call. which is my university society’s bash, at the end of May. Challenge accepted.

I’d also thought I’d update you on my acting developments. I have my final drama school audition coming up next week and I’m gutted to say that I felt I applied too late and didn’t apply to enough schools to give me the chance of getting in. Stupid I know but if this audition doesn’t pan out, I’m going to look for other ways I can eject my creative flair and I’ll also be getting myself some new headshots and a professional showreel. I planned to make 2016 a big year for me and it’s time I stopped slacking and being lazy. This may be a shock to some people reading this (I’m apparently a very hard-worker already), however I have been less motivated to work for what I want since the start of this year.


In other news I have a couple of castings coming up, along with a hair modelling job at the end of the month. Thank god for it picking up finally!

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