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Apologies for awkwardly featuring so many toothbrush themed posts at the moment but I just had to show you these luxury, high-end toothbrushes from a company called Bruzzoni. Now I’ve never owned an electronic toothbrush before and to be honest, I never saw the fascination for them. It seemed like a lazy option that probably wouldn’t have been as good as just using a normal toothbrush.

Bruzzoni Box

Now when a toothbrush comes in a box like this (which reminded Sophie, my colleague of iPhone packaging), you know it’s the real deal. Bruzzoni is actually a Swedish based company but they stock their products in London’s Selfridge’s on Oxford Street. They also sell and ship them internationally online.


They come in two colours, one in matt black with rose gold lining and a white version with silver lining. The toothbrush comes with a separate head, a cover for the brush head, a USB powered charger and travel sleeve. It’s a pretty hefty box and the contents are very luxurious for a toothbrush. That said though, this electronic toothbrush is £120.00 online or $155 so I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Electronic Toothbrush

I’ve been using the brush now for just over a week and I think I’ve been converted. Not just because it’s design and packaging is dreamy but it’s just so good! The USB charger is a gold square base that has a very faint magnetic pull when you place the toothbrush on top. The USB makes it easy to charge either plugged into a bathroom shaver socket or using any port which includes my own laptop!


The battery doesn’t take long to charge if the toothbrush is kept on the base and you get around 40 minutes worth of usage off one charge. The battery indicator located at the front of the toothbrush handle gives you plenty of warning when the toothbrush needs a little juice.

Electronic Toothbrush

Bruzzoni Packaging

My favourite thing about the toothbrush is it’s ability to indicate 30 seconds by stopping and starting and has a two minute timer to provide you with the sufficient brushing time required. The speed of the brush is insane and I can feel it cleaning away at all the areas that would be hard to reach with a manual toothbrush.


I’m really sold on this product and if you are someone who takes extra care with their oral hygiene, then this is something to really consider especially as it has a considerably long life span.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product and had no obligation to write a review. All words are my own.



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