Yearly Blog Round Up – 2016

Oh 2016, you’ve been pretty pants haven’t you? You’ve taken some iconic celebrities away from us, spun us into a political nightmare and the world is in such a violent state that I just want to crawl under my bed covers and watch repeat episodes of The Big Bang Theory to make life seem a little better. 2016 for my blog however has been pretty epic.

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It’s crazy to see that I’ve nearly written five hundred blog posts, with 300-odd of those being this year alone. My blog has become my way of escaping from the dull life of adulthood. I must admit, it’s not great at the moment and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this, especially those recently having graduated from university. Life isn’t plain sailing once you leave the safety net of education, instead you get a big slap in the face (which is in the form of a student loan letter telling you how much you owe) and a nice cold welcome to the normal and boring world that is real life. I’m going off topic right now – sorry! My blog has grown so much over the past year that I wanted to share with you a few of my personal highlights and some of my favourite blog posts of 2016. So here’s my top five!

The Skinny Rebel Workout

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It was the start of the year and the post-festive bulge of 2015 was evidently showing around my plump thighs and food-baby belly. Train Dirty invited me a long to a taster session of their Skinny Rebel Workout that they were ‘touring‘ as it were, around hotels in London. A great concept for those business people on the go, wanting to stay fit but not necessarily liking the idea of working out alone in a hotel gym. Dean – the camera shy but incredibly cool instructor – put me well and truly through my paces and let me tell you, it was probably one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done. It was 45 minutes of non-stop exercises and they were BRUTAL. Highly recommend it though, even if you just want to look like Bane* for 10 minutes. 

*Read the blog post to understand my point. 😉

Living In A World Of Violence

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This year has certainly shown us how violent humans can be to one another. To think of someone taking another one’s life angers me to no end and unfortunately it’s a human error that so many seem to have. This blog post for me was like an angry letter to the world. Living in London and being a prime target for terrorists still petrifies me, as I’m sure it does for everyone. There’s now so much terrorisation going on all over the world that the comment I made at the end of the post ‘one day we’ll all end up knowing someone who’s died at the hands of violence‘ cannot be more true. When will it stop? I’m putting this blog in this yearly round up because I like writing about topics that question, that give you my readers pause for thought. Stuff like this needs to be talked about more – I mean it’s better than just doing nothing right?

Greasy Hair Fix

Updo Hair Style

I mean this is a bit of a self-indulgent one but hey I think these photos are pretty awesome. I think around this time, I was just getting the hang of taking better photos? I also wanted to show off a few hairstyles that I’d experimented with and now seeing this, I want my long hair back. Don’t get me wrong, there’s many epic benefits to having shorter hair – I use hardly any shampoo and conditioner – but having long hair gave me more ways of styling it. This greasy hair fix tutorial is probably one of my favourite beauty blogs as I really feel it’s a helpful tutorial to those out there with long enough hair to do it!

Pulse Light Clinic

Before and after photos

UGH. I cannot recommend this treatment and place more. I attended Pulse Light’s Clinic just around the corner from Goodge Street underground station and they were celebrating their launch of a second clinic in London. I was invited along and after getting a patch test on my upper lip, they offered me four treatments for FREE! If anyone knows me, they might have heard me mention on occassion that I was quite conscious of my upper lip hair. It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if I didn’t have such dark hair. The results after four treatments were incredible and I’m making it a ‘to do‘ on my New Years beauty list to get the final treatments to completely remove the hair. Even now though, the hairs are a lot less prominent than they once were.

Pandora Spring ’16 Collection

Pandora charm

I pretty much freaked out when a company got in touch and asked if I wanted to work with Pandora to promote their new Spring ’16 range. This is probably my biggest company that I’ve worked with to date and it was definitely a personal choice to say yes to this project. I’ve always loved Pandora and they sent the most beautiful pandora charm that I gave to my mum for her 50th birthday. I still cannot believe it happened and therefore it has to feature as one of my favourite posts of this year.

The Moretti Gran Tour

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I mean this was the day that I found out a got a new job so this is one of the main reasons why this is in my favourites. The Moretti Gran Tour is an annual event in London that showcases some of the delights we have right on our own doorstep. There was enough Moretti Beer to sink a ship or three and Sam was delighted with the free tokens we got to spend on food and beer…lots of beer. Opportunities like this have purely come from my blog and I’m forever grateful for what this blog brings my way.


Before and after haircut

This year we found out some pretty awful news from a close family member, that she had breast cancer and that it was serious. She now needs over £150,000 to get the treatment she needs and luckily she’s had her first round thanks to the support of friends and family, as well as the donations that now come in from far and wide. I decided to cut my hair and donate the proceeds raised to Katy’s fund, giving my 12 inches of hair to The Little Princess Trust (I’ve now got a certificate and my inner child is beaming with pride). The fund raised over £600 and along with gift aid, it will make a huge difference to Katy’s treatment. We all have to be selfless and hair is hair, at the end of the day it’ll grow back. It was so worth it to raise that money and give away that hair to two people who need all the help they can get.

It gives me great pleasure to see what my blog’s achieved over the year of 2016. What will be in store for 2017 I wonder?! Let me know in the comment below what you think of these posts!

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