What I Want To Watch – Panasonic 4K Ultra HD

Panasonic got in touch with me to let you, my readers, know about their new generation of TV! How exciting right?! It’s crazy to think that in a short space of time of having no sort of technology, that we’ve advanced so quickly and that we as humans have adapted to it like a fish to water.

Panasonic have released a 4K Ultra HD television. What is 4K television I hear you ask?

‘As television continues to evolve, we are becoming far less satisfied with the picture quality of HD, we long for greater clarity in pictures, bigger television screens and more interesting features.

But the innovation in the new range of 4K televisions with stunning images and ground-breaking technology will do nothing short of blowing you away and finally quench our thirst for a more vivid image quality. Offering four times the resolution of HD and 8 million pixels on screen vs 2 million you get from a full 1080 HD TV, 4K Ultra really projects a crisper, clearer and sharper image, allowing for more details to be seen, overall sharper imagery and a more emotional viewing experience is born. The 4K display will change the way you watch television forever.’

More information on Viera TV/4K TV can be found here.

My housemate Sean has actually just recently purchased himself a 4K and the difference between a HD and a 4K Ultra HD television is astonishing. It makes you feel as if you’re actually in the place or with the people you’re watching and I’ve certainly been getting my own share of good use out of the television. 

I wanted to do a little wishlist of televisions and films that I’d like to watch on our 4K Ultra HD TV. I definitely want to watch more films as I don’t get chance to do so as much now that I’m so busy.

The Revenant 

Recently winning Best Lead Actor, Leonardo Dicaprio is one of my favourite actors of all time. He had my heart when he first appeared in Titanic and I’ve loved all his work since then.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

It’s been noted by Netflix that the next season of Kimmy will be appearing on our screens in April. This show is a scream and if you love silly humour then you will certainly fall in love with Kimmy Schmidt, a mole woman (aka she was trapped underground after a crazy priest told her that the world had ended).

Game of Thrones

Ok, ok I really do need to get my head back into this series. I only managed to the second to last episode of Season 1 but I’m determined to get hooked on a television series that is so well loved by A LOT of my friends and family members.

Magic Mike XX1

Call me a terrible person but don’t you want to see Channing Tatum rip off all his clothes and gyrate on stage in front of hundreds of man thong hungry women. Yeah I thought you might…

The Martian

A film that my friend Hannah went to the premiere off. Starring MATT DAAAAAMONNNN, this was meant to be quite a serious film but I think the way it played made it quite comical. Either way I’ve heard good things and I’m sure it’s something that would look incredible on a 4K TV screen.

House of Cards

This is the big one that I want to watch and will probably be the first one that I get myself stuck into. I’ve heard it’s incredible (especially by my partner…on very many occasions may I add) and who doesn’t love Kevin Spacey. That guy is acting gold.

Panasonic are such an iconic and well known brand, so you know that the quality of the product you’re buying will be top notch. You can find further information in the below links, including a few places where you can buy your very own 4K Ultra HD TV!

To buy from Amazon, click here.

To see the offers currently in Currys, click here.

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