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Now that it’s nearing Mother’s Day, I’m sure you’ll be looking at ideas of what to get for your mum! So the people behind Hope’s Relief, got in touch and wanted me to let you know about their product that’s hitting the streets of the UK. It’s Australia’s best selling hand cream, so you know it’s going to be good. Hope’s Relief intensive dry skin rescue cream is one of the world’s leading natural creams that has been carefully formulated to relieve eczema prone, itchy, cracked or dry skin. 

I’m sure we’ve all looked on the back of a product and wondered what in the world do those long and never before seen words mean. It’s certainly a relief when you discover something that’s natural as opposed to something that isn’t. Flowers and chocolates seem to be the go to on Mother’s Day to those of us who can’t afford to splash out hundreds of pounds, so why not try out something that your mum can pamper herself with. I know my mum would certainly benefit from this as she suffers from dry skin on her hands every time Winter comes around.

The current luxurious natural range includes intensive rescue cream, moisturising lotion, body wash and herbal haircare products which have all been created using therapeutic natural actives. These are both fantastically effective and also completely free from any nasties AKA words you’ve never heard of before and cannot spell.

Hope’s Relief has been formulated over 35 years of research and originally created by Naturopath for her own daughter. Hope’s Relief is now an award winning brand, Australia’s No1 natural eczema cream and renowned by mothers and trusted families’ worldwide. Packed with natural, active ingredients including;

* Hospital Grade Organic Manuka Honey NPA 10+

* Gotu Kola (plant)

* Aloe Vera

* Organic Celendula (flower/plant)

* Licorice Root

This combination both soothes and repairs damaged skin and their pilot study shows that 93% of people show significant improvement. The range is suitable for all age ranges, even newborn infants. It’s free from all the nasties including parabens, artificial colours and fragrances.

All these products are available from Wholefoods for £16.49 and all good health stores and independent pharmacies!

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