12 Signs That You’re Turning Into An Adult

It’s inevitable, I’m coming to an age now where I’m meant to be an adult and even though I refuse to grow up, unfortunately there’s a few signs that are telling me otherwise.

1. You believe you’ve got all the parenting solutions for that annoying child kicking the back of your seat on the bus.

As a childless individual, I occasionally have to bite my tongue when I see children misbehaving or parents of young child completely unaware of what their child is doing. And I’m sure if I did say anything they’d say ‘Are you a parent? No? Then you don’t know anything!‘. Whether it’s kicking the back of your seat or running straight into you on the pavement with their death trap of a scooter, I cannot help but want to give the parent a bit of a mouthful. The other day, I kid you not, a mother was texting on her phone whilst unaware that her child, was slowly edging herself near to the train tracks! She caught her in time but some passersby were more than willing to scold the mother for not paying attention.

2.  You’ve called a grown adult a child.

Sorry Sam but you were the unfortunate subject in this case. I have a bit of an OCD when it comes to tidying up the wardrobe. Clothes need to be specifically placed because of the lack of space. Sam tends to grab something and then leaves it in a bit of a mess, so I’m always tidying it up after him. I definitely called him a child/teenager. Sorry Sam.

3. Travelling on your own is no longer daunting.

If anything, I actually prefer travelling alone but there was a time where travelling anywhere on my own was SCARY. I still had that nervousness when I moved to London but now I’m a pro on the underground (ish).

4. Your body starts to ache or your joints are more sore.

I never had this when I was younger but I guess it’s one way of your body telling you, you’re slowly getting old. For example, crossing my legs puts pressure on the top of my knees. I also click everywhere, like literally. Whenever I stand up from sitting down, every bone in my body cracks.

5. You find yourself wandering over to the homes and garden editions in the magazine aisle.

Gone were the days where you ogled over Zac Efron and his washboard abs. Now you’re finding yourself perusing over the hottest dining chairs and tables, harvesting your own vegetables and thinking about retiring (even though you had another 50 years until you can do that).

6. Alcohol tends to have a love/hate relationship with you.

Remember a time when you could drink your own body in alcohol and not feel a thing in the morning? Well now all hell has broken loose on your head. Not only do you feel like crap but your head feels as though it’s been battered by an elephant.

7. You hear yourself complaining and find you’re turning into your parents.

I’m constantly cursing at the never-ending laundry basket, wondering how on earth we get through so much clothing. Then I realise my mum did this at a time when there wasn’t just her and my dad, but me and my two younger brothers. That woman got skills.

8. You start going to bed early and you get UP early.

This is just plain wrong but I find myself going to bed earlier now every so often and then getting up early in the morning. No more university where you just lie in bed all day and then party at night! This is adult life now, time to make things happen…

9. You don’t care if someone doesn’t like you.

There’s millions and millions of people in this world and there’s going to be AT LEAST one person who hates your guts (even before you say hello). Let’s just say, I don’t let myself get walked over anymore!

10. You binge watch Netflix like a boss.

I’ve never been the type of person to constantly gorge out in front of my television screen but ever since the discovery of Netflix and working crappy jobs, I’ve become an avid binge watcher of many multiple seasons of many multiple shows…

11. Money definitely makes the world go round.

You never cared when you were a child. I mean, getting £10 was like winning the lottery. Think of all the sweets you could buy with £10?! Nowadays though, £10 doesn’t stretch too far and money that goes into your purse/wallet, soon disappears out again.

12. And you finally understand the phrase ‘don’t wish away your childhood’.

Yep. It always comes to late for us! We want to be older when we’re younger only to wish we are younger when we’re older. Why didn’t anyone tell us this before? Oh yeah, practically every adult ever gracing our presence has. 

Welcome to adulthood people. It’s here to stay.

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