Unboxing The Olympus!


So you may have caught up on a few blogs previously that I was planning on purchasing the Olympus E-Pl7 in white. I chose white because it was around £40-£60 cheaper than the other colours. I can’t believe they vary the prices just because of the colour! Anyway, this model and in the colour white had been out of stock for a little over two weeks. With upcoming events taking place, I was getting fed up of waiting for it to come back in so I headed back to Currys to decide upon another camera. After some great advice from both the sales guy and the security guy, who was actually a blogger too, I ended up picking the Olympus Pen E-Pl6. 

There were certain criteria’s that my first vlog camera needed to cover. The first of which was to have an adjustable screen. This would mean that recording videos and videoing on the go would allow me to see what I’m doing and to avoid any mishaps.

The Olympus’ screen is quite stiff and I was a little concerned that it might break easily (no pun intended). However, the security guy reassured me that having a strong structure would mean that the camera screen would be durable and long-lasting. After all, the last thing you want is a flimsy screen that would break easily!

The second thing I wanted out of the camera was the chance to change lenses in the future and therefore I needed a compact camera that had interchangeable lenses. BOOM!

It comes with two sets of lenses, one short and one long. I’m no lens expert but at the moment I’m using the shorter of the two until I figure out how best to use the other. I think over the next few months, I’ll have a look at the other lenses I could possible purchase as I would prefer to have an even shorter lens.

So far, I’ve been recording daily videos and been taking a few photos, all of which have looked pretty awesome. Check out my daily vlog here to see the camera in action!


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