The Bluffer’s Guide To Social Media

Good ol’ Bluffer got in touch with me recently, asking me to review one of their latest publications. You may have remembered my post from last time, if not then you can view it here. I was very lucky to receive the Wine and James Bond editions. The Bluffer’s Guides are pretty similar to a dummy’s guide, yet it offers you all the information you didn’t know about. With the wine edition, you learnt about what wines were good and what were just plain awful, how to wine taste and using the correct lingo around wine connoisseurs. In James Bond, they revealed secrets and unknown facts about the films and the books behind the 007 agent. 


We cannot deny ourselves, no matter the age you may be, that social media is clearly here to stay. It will always remain in our lives and will definitely come in many different forms in the years to come. The internet as we know it, is still fairly new, yet it has already had so many different platforms. Bebo and MySpace seem to be a thing of the past. Now it’s all about Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I think the generation that is my youngest brother’s are the ones that’ll become most reliant on social media, mainly because they’ve grown up around it and have known no different. It’s incredible that my brother knows more than I do about the big wide web and he’s only just becoming a teenager! (Scary stuff)

The Bluffer’s Guides are always very witty and almost always on point. Like for instance, we’ve all had that one person who is completely anti-social media. They’ll say things like ‘One day, people will just communicate via social media and will never have a proper conversation‘ or ‘Facebook is a dangerous place, it’s full of weirdos‘ or even ‘You’ll never find me on social media…ever‘. This last one low and behold will end up joining Twitter or Facebook the next day.


We’ve even seen the recent hype in Bloggers and YouTubers, with teenagers being able to make a career for themselves from their bedroom. I think it’s one of the most inspiring career paths to have developed. I’ve spoken to people who hate the idea that these vloggers have made money, simply by talking about rubbish on camera. But I see an entrepreneur, a person whose found a niche in the market and has worked non-stop to build their channel or blog into a full-time job that provides a substantial income. I think Bluffer has released this new title at just the right moment in time. Social media continues to grow and even though it has it’s negatives, the world has come a long way in such a short space of time.


We should be proud of ourselves y’all!


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So what are you waiting for?!




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