Django Unchained – Movie Review

So one of my New Years Resolution’s is to watch more movies and to dedicate more of my time watching television. Not just for entertainment but to observe as much acting as possible. I’ve watched plenty of Netflix in the New Year, including nearly a whole eight seasons of Charmed.

My favourite movie that I recently watched was Django Unchained. Now I’m pretty sure that I’ve watched this previously, as some of the scenes had a familiarity about it. It stars some pretty big names including Jamie Foxx as the lead, Christopher Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Henry Washington and of course it wouldn’t be a kick ass movie without Samuel L. Jackson.

Set two years before the Civil War, Jamie Foxx plays a slave who finds himself weirdly accompanying a German bounty hunter called Dr. King Schultz (Christopher Waltz). We learn previously that Django (played by Jamie Foxx) was seperated from his wife, whose also a slave. Schultz and Django work together in order to find Schultz’s next bounty that Django has previously seen before. After Django completely annihilates the criminals, they go into business together, in a bid to find Django’s wife. Their bounty hunting eventually takes them to the infamous plantation run by Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo Dicaprio), a ruthless businessman who unfortunately had ownership of Django’s wife.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the right hand man of Calvin Candie and he’s almost unrecognisable due to the way he’s been aged. I really struggled to remember that it actually was him and not some older relative of his. And of course, as he always does, Tarantino himself managed to find a small bit part to play in the movie.

The cinematography was obviously on point and you’re glued as a viewer to your seat. You follow Django’s journey from hopelessness to a sheer determination to find his partner. Jamie Foxx plays the character with such swagger, no matter who he ends up killing, you’re wanting him to kick their asses. Christopher Waltz, mostly known (from what I’ve seen) as having been cast as the bad guy, is actually a goody in this one. His wit and serious yet gentle manner, makes him a loveable character, which unfortunately like a lot of the characters in this film, comes to a bloody end.

Leonardo Dicaprio plays a cocky son of a bitch, who you certainly want to punch straight in the crotch. I love Dicaprio and I certainly think that most of the films he’s been in deserve an Oscar and this is one he certainly should have won easily. He’ll always be one of my favourite actors for his versatility as an actor AND THAT GOD DAMN SMILE.

If you’re looking for a film that has lots of blood and A LOT of kick-ass scenes then this is a film you’ll certainly want to watch. 

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