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So I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two Spa days in the space of a week. The first was for my partner’s 25th birthday in Cambridge. However, nothing could compare to the experience we had at Spa London in Wimbledon. Tucked away from the main road, Spa Wimbledon is one of the many branches that whisks you away to a very tranquil and peaceful place. Their other branches include; Bethnal Green, Epsom, Kensington, Old Street, Oxford Circus and Swiss Cottage. The Spa was within the same building as Better Gym and upon our arrival, we were helpfully directed up to the Spa reception. 

Entering the reception and hearing the sweet birdsong music, I immediately felt relaxed. Both my partner and me signed a form that queried our allergies or any problems that we were aware of. Afterwards we were given a Spa bag which was packed with a fluffy towel, flip flops and a luxurious, comfortable robe. The receptionist after noticing we needed a bag afterwards, even gave us one of these to put our wet swimwear in – very considerate! We were then led to the changing rooms, which were clean and modern. It had plenty of space with an abundance of lockers, personal changing rooms, showers and toilets. 

We were then led into the relaxation lounge which was situated in between the Spa shop and the Spa itself. The lounge was dimly lit, very quiet and had a number of beds, with soft furnishing and an assortment of teas, fruit and home-made fruit water. Suffice to say, me and Sam squealed with excitement (obviously internal squeals), at what we were seeing. Now I’ve never really been to a Spa before so arriving here and seeing such a beautiful environment was beyond exciting. We quickly made our way into the Spa itself and I felt like I’d been transported back to Ancient Greece. The bronze tiles gleamed and shimmered with the Jacuzzi taking prime position in the center of the room. There were plenty of facilities to keep us occupied including a spacious sauna. The Hammam (aka heated seating area) ran alongside the right of the spa which was used by many, in between experiences, to relax.  The monsoon showers were a great addition to add a little luxury in between the sauna and steam room. One of them in particular held a bucket of ice cold water that would wake any sleepyhead from their slumber. By the side of the sauna there was a fountain of ice, splurging over to provide an instant kick of cool relief for when we came out. 

A cool refreshment…
Prepare to be cold! 

The Foot Spa was definitely a luxury moment for my feet. With the option of ice cold or hot, the tub quickly fills up to submerge your feet and then the bubbles begin, providing a gentle massage to the tootsies. Add the heated seat to the equation and you’ll never want to move! For what you get in just the Spa itself, it’s a steal at £19.00 for a three hour session. This for me, would be something of a treat every now and then when I need to be pampered. They offer a discounted rate of £15.00 for members of the Better Gym too. I also had a treatment, free of charge, booked in for me at 3pm. 

Foot spa for two?

The receptionist came over at around 2.45pm to say that there was a fruit platter waiting on our double bed. You’ve never seen a girl run so quickly (but carefully), over to the steam room to fetch Sam and tell him the glorious news.

The relaxation lounge…

After wolfing down our fruit platters, the beauty therapist Natalia came over to collect me for my treatment. Originally I chose a Bamboo massage but they unfortunately didn’t stock it anymore. So instead, I was given the La Sultane de Saba Ayurvedic Massage (yeah…exactly). Let me tell you now, IT…WAS…INCREDIBLE. I’ve only had one other full body massage and that was with LUSH for my birthday. This treatment involved a spiced scrub, rubbed rigorously all over the body. I was given the option to either just have the full body massage or to have both 30 minutes of the scrub and 40 minutes of the massage. I decided to try both, so I could get the full experience of the treatment. After showering off the scrub, I lay face down on the bed with a mixture of herbal oils in a bowl placed beneath me. The menthol smelling oils, cleared my airwaves completely, leaving me feeling healthy and at peace. Natalia then worked on the whole of my body from my toes to my legs, up my back, arms and head. She then did the same with me lying on my back. The whole experience was very much needed as my body had taken a battering from all the exercise I had been doing the past few days. I did that typical thing of saying the pressure of the massage was fine when at times, on the aching muscles, I wanted to scream. However, after the massage, these muscle pains ebbed slowly away. The treatment costs £70 and I would certainly recommend this to someone who enjoys spoiling themselves or those who definitely need a good pampering. 

As part of their Spa-Tox, you can start off the year with a course of treatments. They currently have the following offers available, so grab them now before they go:

– Book any 2 spa treatments and receive 1 FREE

– Book any 4 spa treatments and receive 2 FREE

– Book any 6 spa treatments and receive 3 FREE

Make sure you check out their website here for more information and take it from me, this place is definitely a must if you’re ever in the London area and fancy a pamper day. Thank you Spa London for having me and my partner for the day and treating us like royalty!

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