Sam’s 25th Birthday

I’d like to wish my dear partner Sam, a wonderful 25th birthday. Today is his 25th birthday. That means he’s halfway to 50. LOL!

Has anyone told him that pose is so 2008?!

I took the honour of letting him know what he’d look like when he’s 50 years old. Here’s the results. Aren’t I a lucky girl?

On Friday 11th March, I treated Sam to a day out in Cambridge at one of the Hallmark Hotels, for a Champagne Lunch and Pamper Day that I found on It was a great deal and something I think Sam certainly needed after a stressful month. I’d pre-booked him into a back massage at 5pm, which was the only time available as it was that busy! We arrived quite late after a brief lie in, which set us back just over an hour. After my phone went dead (no change there), we managed to find the bus that would drop us off right outside the hotel. This was an occasion where I wish we owned a car, as getting around would be so much easier when we go outside of London.

The leisure centre definitely needed a little work doing to the interior. It was a little dated and the ceiling had some leaking damage. The facilities however, were perfect for what we were after, especially the jacuzzi. This was my favourite of all the facilities and we certainly made good use of this and the pool. Before we arrived at the leisure centre, we were treated to a one course lunch, accompanied with a glass of prosecco. The prosecco served was flat but after asking for it to be changed, this was rectified with no problems whatsoever. Those who served us our meal and drinks were very polite and accommodating. The food was delicious and we could choose any item off the lunch menu (with no exceptions). We both went for the Minute Steak sandwich, which came in a ciabatta bread and had a suitable serving of fries and side salad. We also had a large glass of Merlot too, to wash it all down.

We had a total of three hours in the leisure centre, which was plenty of time and Sam throughly enjoyed his back massage. The beauty therapist certainly pinpointed all his knots as he was walking on cloud nine when he joined me in the bar afterwards. We had another drink before swiftly making our way back to Cambridge station. 

We didn’t get to see as much of Cambridge but we did see the high street on the way back. Lined with all the popular bars and restaurants that you’d find in Central London, there were an abundance of students about that had more or less packed most of these restaurants. It definitely made me reminisce of Aberystwyth and my university days. However, I would expect that Cambridge student living is a lot more expensive than a small town in Wales!

After getting back into London, I had booked a table at Big Easy, an American style bar and restaurant that has a few branches all over London. The one we went, was in Canary Wharf and it was PACKED. I’ve never seen a place so popular, they must have served well over 150 tables whilst we were there. Each night in the week, they have a choice of unlimited meat but as it was a Friday night, it was just a free choice. We both went for the Lobster fest which was beyond incredible. It was melt in the mouth and we decided to go with a grand appetiser too because of the special occasion.

I hope Sam enjoyed his birthday treat and I’m sure the treats will continue over the next few days!

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