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I’m always one to try new brands of tea nowadays. I’ve never really been a big tea drinker, only the stereotypical builders tea like Tetleys or PG Tips did I drink regularly when I lived at home. Fast forward to the present day and I cannot get enough of herbal teas. So when NutriPlan offered me to trial a week’s worth of their Tea Tox, I jumped at the chance.

Now I always find a nice cup of herbal tea really settles the stomach and I think it’s probably one of the healthiest ways of detoxing your body. The only thing that’s going into your body via herbal teas are the natural ingredients and hot water! I find drinking herbal tea after a stressful day can really help me unwind and relax. I also enjoy it when I’ve had alcohol the day before. It gives you the sense that you’re flushing out all the bad stuff you’ve put in your body. Originally I was meant to receive the 28 day detox box but because they’re in such high demand, I got a little taster of what was on offer. I received a morning and bedtime option, the morning to have every day (7 bags) and the bedtime one to have every other day (3 bags). Simple instructions of how long to brew the tea are printed clearly on the front and are resealable at the top. This gives a guarantee of locking in the flavour and it also keeps the teabags fresh.

The tea bag is recommended to be left in for 5-10 minutes to fully release the ingredients’ benefits and add to a more intense and stronger brew. Some ingredients within the two tea bags are similar, but are tailored to suit the time of day. The morning tea for example contains some citrusy elements that will gently wake you up from a sleepy slumber. Fruits such as cranberries and blueberries contain antioxidants that are great for the skin and the body, with claims that it’s good for memory and reducing heart disease! The bedtime tea on the other hand, is a blend of calming ingredients that will help you wind down the day. Ingredients such as Chamomilla, Hibiscus and Rosa Canina are all calming and will help you drift off to a natural sleep. The flavours are quite unusual and the stronger the brew, the more bitter it tastes. They both taste quite fruity but aren’t overly sweet, so if you prefer sweeter teas, this might not be what you are after.

NutriPlan offers three different options of the detox plan and these consist of a Bronze, Silver or Gold pack. The bronze, offers a careful selection of nutritious goodies to detoxify and nourish your body from the inside out. 

Products include; Acai Berry, Lean Green Shake, Matcha Tea and Yerba Mate tea to name a few. The price for this is £59.99.

The silver plan is one step up at £79.99. Products in this include much of the same as the Bronze but also contain some tablets and capsules.

And finally, the gold option is available for those who really want to kick in a major detox. The box costs £99.99 and contains a mixture of products that help replenish and revitalize your body!

So why not try it out for yourselves?

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