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It seems that the sportswear is coming in thick and fast this week on www.upyourvlog.com. This time it’s EverStride who sent me a cooling headband with a matching scarf to boot. I realised upon editing my photos that I actually took this one with the headband upside down. My bad…

Distributed in the UK & EU by Ugo Johnson Ltd, the Everstride Stick-e Cooling Scarf and Headband are an advanced fabric technology that becomes cold when wet. The headband has a thin plastic strip along the front of the band that when wet with water and snapped, activates the cooling element, allowing you to remain cool whilst working out. The range comes in various colours including Tan, Golden Rod, Lime, Blue and Red. Their both soft and lightweight, allowing you to workout without any issues, however if it were me, I’d like them to be a little more stylish perhaps in pattern or texture.


These are machine washable and are reusable and can be snapped again to activate the cooling agent.

The scarf is probably my least favourite of the two, I don’t know whether it’s the colour or not, but I get the feeling that I look a little bit like an air hostess when wearing it. However the scarf is comfortable and has three slits along the middle to allow you to easily tuck the other end in, keeping it secure.


I was keen to try the headband’s snap activating strip that would allow cooling whilst working out and at first after wetting it, there seemed to be no way of snapping it. However after looking it up online, you have to wait until it absorbs the water and then it’s meant to be snapable (if that’s even a word). However, instead the cooling began anyway and I could definitely see myself wearing this over the summer, when it (hopefully) gets very hot!





Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.


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