How To Get Thick Eyebrows – Easy Steps To Thick Eyebrows

NEVER FEAR…Natalie’s here to provide you with unattractive spotty photos of herself with no make-up on, in order to show you how she does her eyebrows!

I’ve only recently got round to filling in my eyebrows as I felt up until now, they’ve not needed anything. I mean they’re already thick enough, why would I need to make them any thicker? However, I have come to notice that when I have filled my eyebrows in, they look more even and a lot more well groomed. I don’t know whether other people suffer with this issue but I have so many problems trying to get my eyebrows to resemble one another.

Firstly, I have to pluck these bad boys because they do get hairy. I remember the first time my eyebrows were ever plucked. I honestly almost had a unibrow. It was my cousins who convinced me that I should pluck my eyebrows and it was this experience where I learnt what pain was. I couldn’t believe that removing little hair follicles could be so damn painful!

Also please ignore the massive spot that’s taking over my head in this picture. I never really get spots that often, I only tend to get them when I’m stressed. I make sure to pluck all over the eyebrow, underneath and on top. If you’ve never plucked your eyebrows before then the hairs underneath hurt much more. I also recommend that a little means a lot, so don’t go over the top with plucking if it’s your first time.

Once my eyebrows are plucked and my eyebrow area is well and truly red, I use my Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder. Now I’ve not used any liquid/pencils for my eyebrows yet, but I think a powder gives me enough definition without it being too blocky. Again, my biggest advice with applying the powder is to add it very gradually in sweeping motions. I tend to use more at the base of my eyebrows (closest to your nose) and develop it lighter towards the tips.

I find that also adding a slight extra flick to the lashes gives them more shape so even if there’s no hair there, continue for about half an inch or less just to round it off. I then repeat the process on the other eyebrow. I also always do the left eyebrow first, it’s a little bit of an OCD that I think we all have in the way we get dressed, how we eat etc. I really love filling in my eyebrows now as it really defines the sharp definitions that my eyebrows create. It also shows the world that I can look half decent at 7am in the morning…

And that’s how I fill in my eyebrows! The first picture is the finished look I end up with and the Freedom Eyebrow Palette that I use is well pigmented and can be found at Superdrug for just £3! BARGAIN!

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