Forza Shake It Slim Meal Replacement Review

I’ve tried a few slimming products before and I’m always keen to try out new ways of helping aid my goal of being more healthy and toned. Now these not may be for everyone and upon using these for a week, I’ve learnt that these aren’t the best solution for me (I love food too much) but they were definitely something I’d recommend.

 Forza was established in 2007 and is used by celebrities including Stephanie Davis, best known for Hollyoaks and the latest Celebrity Big Brother runner up. The Starter Pack comes with more than a weeks supply of shakes. There are 5 chocolate, 5 strawberry and 3 vanilla and all that’s needed is half a pint of cold water added to a sachet. This is equivalent to 204 calories and it’s recommended that you take one a day to maintain weight or two a day for weight loss. I only took one a day as I wanted to maintain my weight in order to tone up the fat on my body.

The shakes are very sweet (so definitely for those who have a sweet tooth) and they go down very well. There’s no bitter after taste and there’s no need to add anything else other than water to the powder. I really enjoyed the Strawberry one and this is normally one flavour that I don’t like in a shake. After adding the water to the mixture, it certainly didn’t look like a lot but after drinking it, it certainly saw me through till dinner. Forza also sent me a Protein Shaker which works very well at breaking up all the powder in the water.

The shakes can be purchased from Boots here, for just £19.49 and that includes a pack of 7 sachets. Also make sure you check out the rest of Forza‘s social media!





Happy shaking! 

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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