Friends Reunited & Turning 50!

What a lovely weekend that’s been. At this time in the evening/morning I really should be getting some sleep ready for the hard slog back at work tomorrow. However instead, I thought I’d fill you in on what a fantastic weekend I’ve had.

It started off with an nice relaxing day in with mammy and the brothers as she was working from home, Ashley was in and Alfie was off school for half-term. I’ve severely missed being at home and this weekend has just flown by. I wish I could have redone it all again as it just went by way too quickly and although I’m happy to be back in my bed in London, I do wish I could move my family down to London with me!


After spending some time with the family, I had organised a meet up with two of my friends, one of which I hadn’t seen properly in almost three years. WOAH. Talking about time going fast! I got to Hollie’s around 5pm and I don’t think we stopped talking for about 2 hours. We had so much to catch-up on and it was as if we had never left for university. I met Hollie at college and our love of drama is what started our friendship. I’m so glad that I met up with her but we both agreed that next time we wouldn’t leave it that long. Evie then picked us up after she had finished work and we headed to Pizza Hut to eat our own body weight in pizza, unlimited salad bowls and unlimited ice cream. It was such a great evening and we ended it by having a drink around our house. Sam had arrived earlier on in the day and we had picked up my housemate Sean, after we’d finished at Pizza Hut. This meant that the house was buzzing all to the delight of mammy Redman who decided to get the iconic selfie stick out to take some photos.

Onto daddykin’s 50th birthday party. Now I told myself I was going to vlog this weekend but for some reason I just didn’t want to pick up my phone to record anything. I think I just felt that by vlogging the weekend, I’d be taking away spending quality time with family and friends and I think it’s different if you’re a vlogger and you live closer to home or to your family and friends. For me, I just wanted to appreciate these moments and I didn’t even take many photos of the night which I regret because I only took a few at the beginning. Here’s a few snaps anyway:

Family & Friends

Today we went bowling with the family and spent just a lovely day relaxing and having a giggle. This weekend has been so much fun and I plan to update some of my blogs over the next few days as I feel that at the moment I’m not putting in a lot of effort into these. It’s definitely because I’m doing them late at night! Also I’ve made a conscious decision to keep my days working to a minimum of long hours if that makes sense? Normally I’d start really early and finish really late but I’ve realised for me that it’s burning the candles at both ends and I’m actually not benefiting from it all that much.

Hopefully, this will help get more stuff done in terms of my finally getting round to editing my voicereel and getting my showreel shot!

Here’s hoping!

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