Instagram On Fleek

Aside from becoming obsessed with the phrase ‘on fleek’ (and so has my boyfriend), I’ve been working hard at producing more high quality snaps for my Instagram. It started pretty much after seeing one of the bloggers I met at the Bridal Fair and you can check out her Instagram here. I love the vibrancy of the pictures, the high quality of them and the theme she has running through her whole collection of photos that are gaining hundreds of likes. Of course, I want my Insta to remain personal to me, to have my personality injected into it. However, the camera on my Samsung just isn’t the same anymore and seeing as I haven’t got an IPhone 6+ yet, I’ve turned to my Olympus camera.

I spent just under £300 on this beauty so I need to make sure I get good use out of it. And what better way than to take some gorgeous pictures. Here’s just a few snapshots I’ve been posting over the last few weeks.

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