Younique – 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Younique is a company very much similar to that of Avon. It’s a pyramid style scheme where you pay a one off fee to receive a full kit of make-up to demonstrate and sell to families and friends. Once you reach a certain point, you then hire family or friends to become presenters themselves and you then make commission from their sales.

Now I have a few friends who are Younique Presenters and I’ll be sure to include these in the video blog I make on my YouTube Channel. Stacey Whitehurst is one of my family friend’s from home and she sent me the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes to try out. I’ve never used any Younique products before so I was certainly excited to try these out. I’ve heard and seen a lot of good things from this product so I was expecting a great result on my own lashes. Upon opening the package, there’s some instructions on how to use the product, along with a black sleeve containing the Transplanting Gel and the 3D Fibers.

I took some screenshots from the video I recorded so apologies if these aren’t as clear as they would normally be. I first applied one coat to my right eyelash, coating the transplanting gel first which was similar to your average mascara. I found it useful to then apply the fibers soon after as the gel is still wet and the quicker you apply the fibers, the more it sticks onto the eyelash.

The fibers were very strange and were on a slimmer stick than the mascara. It kind of looks like fluff on a stick and initially when it first went onto my eyelash, some fibres did fall onto my skin. However, once you’re satisfied with the amount of fibers on the lashes, using the transplanting gel again seals in the fibers on the lashes.

There’s certainly a visible difference between the eyelash with the fiber lashes and the one without. I applied a second coat to the right eyelash and a first coat to the left eyelash. The instructions recommended that you repeat the process until you have the desired effect. Personally I preferred just the one coat as the second made it look too false and unnatural.

Looking at the above image straight on, the left eye had two coats and the right eye had one coat. I didn’t apply any fibre lashes to the bottom eyelashes as I thought it would look too clumpy. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who struggles with getting a thicker eyelash. They’re priced at £23 which I think is reasonable for creating a falsie effect instead of using false eyelashes, which would cost a lot in comparison to how long the 3D Fiber lashes last. If you’re using the product with just one application then it can last you up to three months.

If you’d like more information about the 3D Fiber lashes and how to purchase this and other products then please check out Stacey’s Younique profile here.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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