Highs & Lows | Week 5

Oh what a week right? The recent attack is just another reminder of what a cold world we live in. However, they are the minority and with each attack, we get stronger and we get more determined not to let this stop us from living our lives to the fullest. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered from the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester.

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It definitely feels wrong to even celebrating the highlights of this week but then again, that’s just what these cowards want us to feel. So celebrate your wins and live your lives in honour of those who have lost theirs.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre – On The Town

So myself and Sam visited the Regent’s Open Air Theatre the other night to see On The Town, starring the all-singing and all-dancing Danny Mac, alongside the talented cast of the show. The performance was fantastic seeing as it was only in it’s preview stages (and had also suffered a cast member being injured – see here). The lighting was amazing, especially as it was lit to work alongside the natural daylight. The set was amazing and the actual theatre as a whole was so cool, especially when you could hear the birds chirping ever so often.

Feeling Political

Definitely feeling good about politics at the moment – which is something I’d never hear myself saying. I hope the party I’m voting for wins and I think it’s so important to vote which is only something I’ve recently realised myself. 

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Manchester Attack

I think we’ve definitely become used to hearing about terrorist attacks, especially within the past year or two but it still brings it home when it’s right on your doorstep. The Manchester attack that took place on the 22nd May ’17, has hit hard but the determination to not let it stop us from living is definitely evident. I think it’s even harder when it involves young kids too because these are individuals who haven’t even had the chance to live yet and it’s been cruelly snatched away from them by people who think they have that right. But you will not defeat us. Love always wins and triumphs over hate every time.

Wedding Dress Struggles

Just to warn you before you jump to conclusions, no I’m not getting married but yes I’m having issues finding a dress for my friend’s wedding which is NEXT WEEKEND! Trust me to leave it last minute. I have recently got one from Misguided but its #waytoobooby for a day service. I’m going to have to do a last-minute shop next week and hope to Jesus that he leads me to the perfect dress. Come on Oxford Street, find me a dress!

Funeral Time

My great, great uncle (I know right?) passed away recently from dementia the other week. It was hard to hear especially as I’m really close to my Aunt. I also see dementia as being one of the worst diseases out there. It must be so hard to see your other half/family member or friend losing their memory and having to deal with them not recognising who you are. So, as much as I hate them, I need to go to the funeral to support my Aunt and give her as much love as possible.

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