Is Your Pet A Social Influencer?


Buzzoole is seeking 10 Beta Pets to take part in their social influencer experiment. And all you have to do is nominate your pet by taking a picture of them for your Twitter or Instagram account with the hashtag #buzzmypets.

Studies say that one in ten pets has a social media profile and more than half of pet owners post about them on social networks. So it makes sense that a pet could have some major social influence right? Your cat could be as big as Kim Kardashian on the Twittersphere or your dog could be as impressionable as Justin Bieber is to his beliebers or whatever they’re called. For example, Mark Zuckerberg’s dog has two million followers and I’m struggling to reach 1,000! Buzzoole now thinks it’s the right time to give voice to your four-legged best friends and to analyze their online influence.

How it works? Well, they’ve been working on a new algorithm which will semantically analyze your puppies language through their “woofs” or “mieows”. So now we need your help! Nominate your cat or dog by posting their pictures on your TWITTER or INSTAGRAM profile using the hashtag #buzzmypets.

We will select 10 BETA PETS who will look particularly funny, social or stylish in their pictures. 

Share your puppy’s picture on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, and keep your paws crossed!

Good luck guys!

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