Beauty DIY: How To Make A Face Scrub

You may have seen my last blog on how to make a Cinnamon Sugar Lip Scrub? If not see it here. These scrubs are so easy to make and because of the non-perishable ingredients, they’ll last for ages! I thought I’d share with you a face scrub that I’ve created that’s a great antioxidant and stimulates the skin, keeping you fresh faced and awake this Christmas! This is the Coffee and Acai Berry Sugar Face Scrub.

face scrubs

Like with the lip scrub, the main ingredient is brown sugar. The finer the better as you don’t want to cause abrasions to the skin. Olive oil is also used to bind all the ingredients together and with this recipe, once it goes into the fridge and starts to harden, I use a little olive oil to loosen it into a more workable paste to exfoliate and massage into the skin.

Firstly you’ll need something to store the face scrub in and these ramekin dishes are the perfect size for storing a week or two’s worth of the scrub depending on how often you use it.

ramekin dishes

You’ll also need…

Light Brown Sugar

brown sugar
Remember that finer is better, unless your skin can take a harsher consistency.

Coffee Granules 

Coffee granules
Any type of coffee will do but it’s better to use a fine coffee powder. I grinded this coffee down to make it finer.

Vitamin A Capsules

Vitamin A
 Vitamin A is a great way of keeping the skin nice and health so snapping a few of these into the mix will certainly help!

Rosehip/Vitamin E/Jojoba Oil

Essential oils
Any natural oils to add into the mix will work well and I went for rosehip and jojoba oil from Eden’s Semilla to finish off the scrub.

Start off with popping in 2-3 tablespoons of light brown sugar into a small mixing bowl, followed by a tablespoon of finely ground up coffee. Add in two or three capsules worth of Vitamin A and a good squirt of Jojoba/Rosehip oil. Bind together using a tablespoon of olive oil and add more if needed. The consistency should be more wet than the lip scrub. Again it’s such a simple thing to make and it will last forever. If you find a dish with a lid, you can also take this with you on your travels.

Coffee scrubs

Let me know if you try making the face scrub and tell me what you think in the comments below.

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