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Like a moth drawn to a flame, Spa London had me back for another luxurious and pamper filled event. This time, it was to promote their new collaboration with Essie. Spa London offers an assortment of beautiful treatments that are the crème de la crème. Offering everything from body scrubs, full body massages, facials and fake bakes, the Spa has something to offer everyone. If fake baking isn’t your cup of tea however, you can make full use of the Spa’s relaxation facilities including a Thermal Bath, Foot Spas and Rainforest showers.

Essie is a nail company that has recently been introduced into Spa London’s spas across the whole of London. Interestingly enough, Spa London is actually planning to branch out into the unknown that is the outside of London. So unfortunately London’s best-kept secret is about to be shared with other Britians…dang it!

Essie has been around since 2007? and not really being a fan of painting my nails (I have bouts of a biting habit and no patience to sit and wait for them to dry), I’ve never brought from Essie before.

So I was running considerably late for the start of the event after having viewed a flat that we are moving into in May (WOO!). Therefore, I didn’t arrive in Kensington till 11am, which was half an hour late. However, when I got to the reception I was greeted by a very warm welcome, asked to fill in a form and help myself to the spread that was the brunch. Now up until this point the only thing I’d had for breakfast was a can of coke…

And what a spread it was! Now I’m always partial to a bit of Prosecco, whatever the time but that morning I really needed a strong coffee. If I were on my own, I would have definitely pigged out on the lunch. Instead, I remained professional and had a Pain Au Chocolat. 

There were probably around 10-12 bloggers at the event and when I’d gotten there, many were already having their nails done. Therapists from the Spa London branches had come especially for the day, for this event, so it was great to hear what they thought of their own salon compared to the Kensington one we were in. Once I’d had breakfast, I was greeted by Tanya who was going to prep my nails for the gel nail treatment I had chosen prior to the event. After apologising profusely for my horribly bitten nails, she got to work making the best of a bad situation and also gave me a beautiful hand massage afterwards. She then brought out an array of colours to choose from. Now unfortunately I can’t go too vibrant with my nails because of the temping and promotional work I do. I picked out a selection of nude colours for Tanya to help me choose from. I went for a mink colour. I was then passed along to Charlotte from Spa London (Swiss Cottage) to do the gels. Charlotte confirmed my good taste by letting me know that this was one of the very popular gel colours.

What makes Essie’s nail varnish stand out is it’s formula that’s in the base coat which strengthens the nail, allowing the nail to grow stronger rather than to go brittle and ruin your nails completely. I definitely needed this for my nails after years of abusing them. After a base coat is applied, the nails are dried using a heated machine that is controlled by the therapist. The machine isn’t uncomfortable whatsoever and applies a light heat to your fingernails. Then the colour is applied and the number of coats applied varies depending on colour. Mine needed three coats of polish but I believe it that’s because it’s quite a light, nude shade. A top coat is then applied before drying and the adding an oil on the cuticles, which I think strengths the nail bed and encourages cuticle growth too.

The results of the gel nails were very good, however as I am writing this a few days after the treatment, I’ve noticed that some have chipped or scuffed slightly. Now unfortunately this may be due to my clumsiness but I would have thought as they were gel nails they wouldn’t chip.

The colour is very beautiful though and I will definitely be keeping them on for as long as I can. We also received a beautiful goodie bag with a selection of sparkly nail varnishes, a bottle of water and a gift card for a treatment, so I’ve been well and truly spoilt. If you fancy treating yourself to ones of these Essie treatments then click here. Prices vary depending on which brand you go and whether you go further in or out of Central London.

Disclaimer – I was invited along to this event for free in return for my own honest opinion.

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