Sunset Boulevard West End Review

I don’t think I can quite comprehend how I was feeling minutes before the curtain came up at the London Coliseum. Myself and my partner Sam, were about to share the same space as the LEGENDARY Glenn Close.

I managed to get these tickets a few weeks before, after finding there were just a few tickets available for £12 each online. Always one to spot a bargain, I quickly e-mailed Sam (I was at work so didn’t have my phone to hand), and proposed the opportunity to him. He immediately agreed and I made it my mission that day to head over to the Coliseum to buy them. After getting the rejections from Drama School, the most important thing I’ve taken from my experience is that I need to see a lot more theatre and take more classes to help craft my skills further. I’m also making myself a goal to explore more places in London and up until that point, I had never stepped into that theatre. It’s pretty much hidden away from you unless you know it’s there, up a side street around the corner from our local bevy (The Harp, Charing Cross). It’s always a home from home, walking into the entrance of a theatre. As a creative individual, born for nothing more than to perform, it feels as though I’m in my comfort zone…that I belong.

I purchased tickets that sat way up in the Gods and had restricted viewing. However, do not let this put you off when you enquire about theatre tickets. My advice is to always find out what that restriction is and especially if you’re buying from the box office itself in the theatre, they’ll give you their honest opinion of what you will and won’t miss of the show. I knew that we’d be fine because we were one row up from the safety barrier (which was the restricted viewing in this case). I will say though that if you’re an extremely tall person – like myself – you may find the seats slightly uncomfortable as they’re quite close together. But hey, who am I to complain when I’m seeing Glenn Close perform for £12?!

As we took our seats, our interval drinks ordered, we waited in anticipation for the overture to start. I had no clue as to what the story was about and neither did Sam, which I think makes it all the more exciting. Yes the main reason we went is for Glenn Close. Glenn Close if you’ve never heard of the name or are struggling to put the name to a face, is best known for films such as Fatal Attraction and Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians. She’s also been in the hit television drama show, Damages. This is a show I’ve raved considerably about on my blog already. Anyway, back to the musical…

The staging itself was to me quite minimal and had an extreme amount of staircases. For those of you who enjoy finding meaning in their choices of using so many stairs, may link it to the story, however I had major respect to the 69-year-old Glenn who had to traipse up and down them many times throughout the entire performance. In review of the acting as a whole, Glenn Close was flawless. She’s literally the only actor I know that can frighten me through a television screen. Even after the performance when I managed to get a signed autograph (we had a brief connection where both of our hands were touching the programme), she still had me on edge.

Michael Xavier as Norma Desmond’s (Glenn Close) love interest, was a typical smoozer who with a chiseled physique was definitely taken advantage of by the director. Again, I got an autograph off him too and he was such a pleasant and down to earth person. His character Joe Gillis, is a struggling Hollywood writer, looking to make his next big break. He stumbles upon Norma, a seemingly forgotten actress, who has confined herself to the manor that is her home. She’s waited on hand and foot by her butler Max Von Mayerling (played by Fred Johanson), a mysterious man with a dry witty humour, that we learn more about towards the end.

The ensemble played a mixture of characters, perfectly capturing the moments where needed whether they were creating a New Years buzz or embodying the role of a struggling actor (I’m sure they can draw this from their own experiences!). The singing is fantastic and Glenn manages to smash out familiar songs such as  ‘The Perfect Year‘ and of course ‘Sunset Boulevard‘. She manages to capture the emotions in every song, gripping the audience effortlessly. I’d highly recommend seeing the show mainly because of it’s limited run. I’m pretty sure they’ve just finished their second/third week out of five. Tickets range from £12 to £150 and if you’re lucky, there may be some £12 tickets available on selected nights.

Don’t miss out on such a fantastic production and let me know what you thought of it!

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