Bom Dia! Brazillian Fitness Party!

A free fitness event courtesy of Be:Fit London? How could I say no?! Reebok and Very had very kindly invited me to this event and I was ready to get sweaty.

The event was called Bom Dia! Brazilian Fitness Party. Bom Dia meaning morning, meant that I got up on a Sunday (with a right ol’ hangover) to make it for the 11am start. The event would last two hours. That’s no big deal right? A little bit of fitness would allow me to sweat out that hangover…




I mean my back was like Niagara Falls.

There were around 20-25 attendees and it was made up of mainly women of various ages including two brave men (who even twerked during the twerking section!).


The class was led by the vibrant Chardét who was brimming with confidence and pushed us all the way through the class, even when we were hitting those inevitable fitness walls. #thestruggle 


The class involved various workouts and mainly focused on the legs. The class was intense and there were very few breaks if any, during the workout. I loved the salsa movements that we kept returning back to and it remained as a base dance move throughout. All those involved got stuck in and by the end of it, we were gasping for fresh air and a bite to eat. We picked betwee n three badges before the workout that best described us as an individual. I chose ‘Fierce’ because hey…I am. 


And here’s the sweaty photos you’ve been waiting for…

Mid swinging of the legs here…
A general sweaty picture.
And at this point, I’m definitely struggling at life.

However, it’s certainly true that exercise is a good way of getting rid of a hangover. The jumping moves certainly tested my stomach control, but I got through it like the BRAVA I am!


We were then treated to a selection of food and drink, including some yummy and super healthy fruit/veg smoothies from Savse and a taste of crunchy granola from Grain and Bowl. It’s a new company that provides delicious granola that’s naturally sweetened and is gluten and dairy free. I loved it so much that I brought a Cardamom Spiced pack home with me! Their website should be launching soon so make sure you look out for this company in the future.

Finally we were given a performance from the Danca Da Liberdade who teach Brazilian Martial Arts. They’re performance, involving live music, was captivating and the kids were fantastic. We also saw Michela Di Felice who is a professional samba instructor and she strutted her stuff and even taught us some moves after.

I’d love to thank all those who were there at the event and made it super fun. Also thanks for Be:Fit London for organising it. Why not buy yourself some fitness wear and get your salsa on! Click here for fitness apparel galore.







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