Organic Aromas Diffuser Review

I’m majorly obsessed with candles and I think they can really create the atmosphere in a room. I love using cinnamon and mulled wine candles for the festive feels, floral scents for when summer season comes along and calming lavender for unwinding after a tough day. I was sent the Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser to test out. An alternative to candles or incense, this handy little machine allows you to whisk your troubles away with a luxury range of essential oils. The diffuser came in a reasonably sized box and was packaged well to avoid any damage to the product. The product included a very easy how to guide of assembling the diffuser, along with recommendations of how much oil to pour into the machine itself.

It’s a simple light wooden design that would fit well in most homes and the diffuser is light and easy to move from room to room. It’s operated by the mains and came with two pipettes. I actually don’t know what these are used for. If I were to guess, I would say that they’d be use to transfer the oil from the bottle to the diffuser. I skipped this and just poured it from the bottle. However, to avoid it dripping down/getting all messy, the pipettes are probably a good alternative.

The oil I was sent was a Signature blend and smelt mainly of menthol. It was a very relaxing concoction and I was pleasantly surprised how fast the diffuser spread throughout my living room and it lingered for longer than the average candle would. There is a wide range of oils available on their website, with a mixture of sweet, earthy and herbal scents.These range from around $7 to $99 for the biggest set.

I was quite impressed with the product as a whole. The amount of oil in the bottle was quite small, however it seems to be lasting. I’m not quite sure how long it lasts but the cost of the oils is pretty reasonable. The diffuser equipment will set you back $95 for this model. I’m not quite sure whether this is a bargain or not because I’ve never owned a diffuser before.Most diffusers I’ve seen on Amazon are much lower so I think this model is at the top end of the cost.

If you’re interested in purchasing a diffuser then be sure to check out their range of products here.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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