The Most Popular Diamond Shapes Used In Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, you will also have to pick the style of the stones that are in the ring. According to an article on the website, the shape of the stones you choose says a lot about you personally. Whatever your preference of style is, here are some of the most popular shapes of diamonds found not only in engagement rings but jewellery as a whole.

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The Round Diamond

About 75% of all diamonds that are sold are round diamonds, which also makes it the most popular cut of diamond for an engagement ring. Due to the shape of the stone, the round cut can maximise the light making it sparkle a lot more than fancier cuts. As this style of cut causes a lot of wastage, you also find that the price can also be higher than other cuts. You can see a wide selection of round diamonds, as well as other cuts by visiting

The Princess Diamond

The Princess cut is one that is relatively new, with it being first created in 1980 by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar, and out of all of the fancy cuts that are available, it is the most popular for engagement rings. One major benefit of this style of diamond is that the price per carat is lower than that of round diamonds, so you can make your sweetheart feel like a princess, and save a bit of money, you are going to need it for the wedding!

The Oval Diamond

When a diamond has an oval cut, there is brilliance to it which makes it sparkle and shine a lot more than the other cuts that you can choose. You also get the benefit of the shape of the diamond creating the illusion that it is bigger than it is, which is great if you are looking to show it off at any opportunity.

The Pear Diamond

The pear cut is a combination of a marquise and a round cut and can come in a variety of different widths. When you put a pear cut diamond on the finger, the length of the stone makes the wearer’s fingers look longer and thinner. The more symmetrical the cut, the better; and choosing a colour grade between G and H will not only save you money, but the colours of the stone will also feel much warmer.

The Marquise Diamond

The marquise cut is a modified brilliant cut and is similar in shape to a rugby ball. With the long narrow appearance of the stone, it appears to be larger than it is; and out of all of the different cuts, it has one of the biggest surface areas. With the increase in the surface area, there is more light entering the stone, making it glisten and sparkle more than other styles of cut.

These are the most popular styles of diamonds that are used in engagement rings, as well as other types of jewellery. There are many other styles of cut also, and if you want to see some of these, take a look at some of the images on the website and choose the style of cut for your engagement ring.

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