DIWAH Jewellery – Golden Sunrise Review

I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet right now but just look how gorgeous this box from DIWAH Jewellery is?! Yes the moment has arrived where I am unboxing my handmade jewellery from DIWAH. You may or may not have read my last blog discovering this beautiful brand and it finally arrived after sitting in a post depot for nearly a week. The recent house move and spa break away, meant I only recently got round to picking it up! If you haven’t read the previous blog about how you can make your own jewellery, then click here.

The package was pretty in pink, wrapped in a pink ribbon as seen in the top picture. The jewellery was wrapped in bubblewrap, keeping it safe from getting damaged along the way. It came with a ‘jewellery care’ note and an exclusive offer for my readers to get 30% off their order. So if you like what you see then you can read the code in the above picture, but I will be sure to include it at the bottom of this post too.

My first impressions of the necklace was how identical it was to the one I designed on the website. I half expected it to arrive, looking completely different. However, I was very pleased to see that the entirety of the design was the same as what I’d created online. The chain is gorgeous and looks super glamorous. I love the chunky pendant that sits at the bottom of my necklace and when it catches the light, it looks divine!

The pink bead that was added above the pendant gave a subtle splash of colour to the necklace and the necklace as a whole was really well put together. My only issues with this necklace is probably the feel of it. It’s not as heavy as I thought it would be so when wearing it, it tends to slope off to the side inside of remaining in the middle of my chest. The price of this necklace was £34 and I think with the size of the necklace, the pendant and that it was hand-made is fairly reasonable. I don’t think I would have shelled out that amount but for an item of jewellery that is completely unique to anything anyone else is wearing, it’s definitely a good deal.

Overall I think DIWAH’s concept is really unique and the online tool gives you the freedom to really get creative, allowing you to wear something no one else will be.

Make sure to use the code UPYOURVLOG30 to get 30% off your first order and if you like this design then you can actually buy it here

I mean I wanted this to be unique but hey, you guys are special.

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