#RLDTasters | My Chocolate Luxury Workshop

An invitation to a luxury workshop where you make and taste a whole load of chocolate and drink prosecco? Errr YES PLEASE.

Chocolate Workshop

I attended the Red Letter’s My Chocolate Luxury Workshop a few weeks ago and was super happy that my blogger friend Ana from Faded Spring was also attending. It was an exclusive blogger’s event so I expected plenty of photo taking and all those attending, being glued to their phones on social media.


We arrived more or less on time. Myself and Ana met at the station and tried to navigate our way to the event which being honest, was pretty difficult as it was quite a way from the station and my map took us the long way. Once we got there though, we met with the organisers and headed downstairs to take our seats. Most bloggers had arrived by this point so we introduced ourselves and popped on our aprons.


The location of the event was in one of their workshop spaces by the riverside where lots of pretty barge boats were anchored. The smell of chocolate was in the air and neither myself or Ana had eaten so we were eager to eat anything put in front of us. The workshop is around 2 & half hours long and for this workshop, you get the chance to decorate a martini glass, make a chocolate martini, all whilst sipping a prosecco or two. You’ll also learn the history of chocolate, taste test a variety of chocolate flavours and finally whip up some ganache to make chocolate truffles.


Martini Glass

The Chocolate Martini was first up on the list of creations and after a demonstration by our workshop leader, we got to it. Now, what if I told you that that chocolate swirly design around the glass was my creation? Yeah exactly, complete bullshit right? Nope, I made that and sheer luck was clearly on my side. We then split into groups of three to take on the task of creating the martini which tasted absolutely gorgeous (and went down way too quickly).


Next up was making the chocolate shaped heart which you can see below. A lot of the other bloggers got creative, one making a cactus and a couple making a bear but the majority of us stuck with the workshop leader’s suggestion of a heart. We then marbled this using the opposite flavour chocolate and it’s amazing the satisfaction you get from just making a chocolate shape that doesn’t look like poop. #achievement

Chocolate Martinis

Chocolate Heart

Chocolate Heart

Speaking of poops though, I think Ana would agree that our ganache was definitely on the thicker side when it came to making them into truffles. They ended up looking like little turds rather than the delicious truffles you think of in fancy confectionary shops. We were told not to worry though because once they’d hardened we’d be moulding them into more recognisable truffle shapes and decorating them with all sorts of toppings.



Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Myself and Ana got very messy with our decorating skills and got chocolate pretty much everywhere but that’s the fun with these workshops, they’re meant to be an experience where you just go wild and have fun. You don’t need to take it too seriously. The workshop costs £80 but they also do birthday parties, hen parties and other large group bookings. I think it’s a great opportunity for someone who loves chocolate or a place to bond with friends and family. The educational side of the workshop is great too so this would be ideal for kids.

I’ve also been exclusively invited to their Chocolate Treasure Hunt which again, anything involving chocolate I am down for. Make sure you look out for this on my blog and check out the rest of Red Letter Days awesome activities. They make the perfect gift for a special one you want to splurge out on.


What do you think of the My Chocolate Luxury Workshop? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was invited along to this event for free to review the workshop. All words are my own.