Randomise Card Game Review

The aim of the game…the world has gone completely random! You are to become something ridiculous and must help your teammates guess what you are describing, drawing or acting your way to victory.

Now me and my family have never been the sporting time when it comes to playing board games or any games for that matter. We’re the typical family who hate losing and 9 times out of 10, one of us will end up going off in a huff or throwing our toys out of the pram (my parents included). So when I told them about a new card game I received, there were mixed feelings…

Randomise is a new card game, requiring four or more players to take part. You also need a watch, pen and paper. We split ourselves into two teams and nominated my dad to keep score. Each of the team was given a scoring card and timing card. After taking out the blank cards (these can be used to get creative and write your own words), I split A, B and C into separate piles.

The team with the person keeping score goes first and when it’s your turn, you choose Easy or Hard and whether you’re going to Describe, Act or Draw your way to victory! It’s very similar to Charades in this sense. 

We created our ‘performance stage‘ in the very small space that is our living room, away from my flatmate’s very large television. The opposite team then select random numbers for you from 1-3, for example 2,1,3. The person nominated will pick one card from A, B and C and match these numbers to discover their new identity. Card A will always describe you, B will tell you what you are and C will tell you what you’re doing!

If you’re Describing, you have 30 seconds to use your voice to communicate your identity.

If you’re Acting, you have 60 seconds to use your body to communicate your identity. No noises and no props!

If you’re Drawing then you have 90 seconds to communicate your identity and your team can shout out as many guesses as they like.

Of course, like many new games, we had struggled to get our heads round it but it soon became pretty clear how to play. There was a lot of hilarity and we mostly went for Describing and Acting. Some of the random combinations were;

  • Scared Caveman Fencing
  • Dizzy Ghost Blowing Bubbles
  • Miserable Lion Having A Bath

We definitely had moments of hilarity and my youngest brother, Alfie really enjoyed the game. As it comes in card form, it’s ideal for playing whilst travelling/on your holidays! It’s fairly easy to understand and with so much versatility in the game itself, you’ll never get bored of playing. In the end my Dad won, much to the disappointment of everyone else.

The game even gives you opportunities for alternative gameplay but you’ll have to buy the game yourself to find out what they are! The game can be purchased from Amazon here, for just £9.99. A perfect gift for under £10!

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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