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I never used to be great with make-up when I was younger. I mean it only took until now really to get the shade of my foundation right to suit my skin. So whenever I get complimented for my make-up, my inner teenager is screeching with joy.  Over the past few posts, I’ve been showing you my latest beauty tutorials and I genuinely enjoy writing these sort of blogs. Again, I have never been a girly girl (I’d consider myself a tomboy) so being more creative with my make-up no matter whether it’s day or evening, is sort of a big achievement for me. So I’m going to stop myself now before I babble too much and show you how I give myself glamourous smokey eyes!

For all my eye-makeup, I’m using the Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette. I only discovered this make-up brand recently and I’m pretty certain it’s just as good as it’s more pricer competitors. I love all the colours (most of them being browns and creams) and most of them are very well pigmented. My only issue is the lightest of the colours as they don’t seem to have as much pigment power as the darker ones do.

The palette is £8 which I think is a steal for the amount of colours you get and how beautiful it is! I start off with my base colour and I tend to use this colour most of the time when applying eyeshadow. It’s the shade ‘Almost There‘ and it’s perfect as a base colour (it’s in the second row, the last one on the left). I’m using the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush to blend this in on the lid of my eye which manages to cover up all of those annoying veins on my eyelid.

I add a little bit more up to the crease of my eyelid which I will later blend in fully with the rest of the eyeshadow I use. I then switch up my brushes and use my Sephora Crease Brush to develop the eyeshadow with a darker shade called ‘Pure Chocolate‘. I love this shade (bottom row, last one on the left) as it’s super pigmented and therefore doesn’t need a lot on the brush. I dab a little on the outer end of my eye and apply some more to the crease of my eyelid, blending this in either using my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush or the No7 Eye Contour Brush

Finally, onto the last of my eyeshadow, I apply one of the darkest colours ‘Black Tie‘ that has this gorgeous blue shimmer to it. I apply this very loosely onto my eyelid because it’s very heavy. I’ll sometimes add a little of the shade ‘Night‘ to this mix and dab a little of this on the outer corners of my eye, on the crease. This amplifies it a little more and really gives you that smokey look.

Finally, I use the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes in order for my eyes to really stand out. The darker my eyeshadow, the more my eye colour stands out. And that’s it! I’m all ready for a big night out on the town.

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