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So you know me…or if you don’t, I love bargains. I love finding bargains for everything and I’m very happy when I managed to find bargains for food, whether that’s shopping my local supermarket or going out for a meal with my friends or family.


I was sent by my bank NatWest (I think around 2-3 years ago now), a Tastecard. At first I wasn’t quite sure what it was and it sort of sat in my purse for a month or so. However, when I finally got around to actually checking out the website, I was pleasantly surprised that this was a loyalty card for some of my favourite restaurants in London. The website gives a full insight into the local restaurants around your area – this is anywhere in the UK as far as I know – and the offers they have on that restaurant. Normally it will either be 50% or 2 for 1, unfortunately excluding drinks from this offer. There are some limitations to this however subject to what restaurant you pick. Some do have restrictions on how many in your party are eligible for the tastecard offer or they may not have this offer on specific nights. However to get 50% off your entire food bill is definitely going to appeal to those who like to go out a lot or for those who don’t as much and want to treat themselves.


You can see from the selection above in the image, that there’s plenty to choose from. When browsing the search area on the Tastecard website, you can also filter what sort of food you’re after. So if you’re craving a Chinese or an Indian, you can select this option to narrow down your results. This tool is pretty hand for when I have the family on hand, as the OAPs don’t tend to like the ‘foreign‘ stuff as my Granddad likes to call it. My tastecard has been renewed for the past two years for free and I didn’t even buy one in the first place (perks of being a NatWest customer), however I would have definitely paid for this card if I hadn’t got it from my bank. It’s a great way to save extra on your bill and it also encourages you to try something new. Myself and my family went to one restaurant that was actually part of a hotel. I tried to find it recently on the tastecard and I have a feeling it might have gone now (sad times). We were a little reluctant to try it out because it was in a hotel, however the prices were great value for money (even without the tastecard) and we all ended up having a 3 course dinner for half the price of what we would have paid usually.


To take advantage of the tastecard by paying just £1.00 for 3 months then click here. It’s a great offer to try out and to see if it’s for you!







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