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The Taxi Centre has recently made a survey on our taxi riding experiences. From Dorset to Durham, they’ve found out how and what they ride, how much they pay for the pleasure, how happy they are about it, and how polite they are in the process. I put out a shoutout on Facebook, asking friends and family to give some of their funny taxi related stories. So before you read what the survey had to say, take a look at some of these beauties!

Well I was sick in a taxi once on the way home from a first wedding hen night!! And Nanna had to clean the taxi or else they were going to charge me £20 in 1988!!!! 

Got in a taxi driven by my mates dad. Absolutely hammered and had no idea who he was. Kept saying ‘driver!! Driver take me home!!!’ Found out next day. Many lols x

I was a taxi operator (dispatch) for a while in my teens. A very drunk lady called one night and started screaming at me because the taxi she’d ordered 40 minutes prior hadn’t shown up at the pub to take her home. I told her I didn’t know which taxi company she had called but it wasn’t ours. She responded by saying she was going to come right down to the office and ‘kick my f*****g head in’. “Not without a taxi you’re not love,” I quipped, before hanging up.

I was on a night out with my friends from my old work and one of my friends miscalled me so I could text her I was home safe. Two minutes later the taxi rang to stay it was outside. So off I went, had a good chat with the 50 year old taxi driver. Got home and text my friend saying “I’m home. Thanks for a brilliant night!”

The next morning I got a very angry phone call from the taxi drivers wife. I’d text the taxi driver, not my friend… I spend 20 minutes on the phone to her convincing her that her husband wasn’t having an affair with me.

Mate of mine left his phone in a taxi in Newquay. We rang it in the morning and the taxi company had it, said they would drop it to the campsite for a fee… when it arrived the iPhone was strapped in the front seat with the seatbelt around it.

I once took a taxi with some university friends to the Union across the road. Thinking back on it, it was dangerous but the girls didn’t put their seatbelts on properly so ended up falling down and getting wedged into the space where your feet go. No one helped them as we were all laughing too much. They stayed there till we go to the Union.

Myself and a friend were in a taxi the other day and thought it would be hilarious to act out different personas in the back of a taxi. We ended up having a fake full blown argument. I think the taxi driver must have thought we were crazy!

My friend was once so drunk, we had to put her in a taxi to get her back to the halls. It was earlier on in the night so no one wanted to go home so we just paid for the taxi and sent her on her way. However the taxi driver warned us that we’d get fined if she puked so we were trying to tell our friend for a full minute or two NOT to puke up until she got out the taxi.

I tend to lose stuff when I get taxis, such as my shoes that I wore that night and my phone. I’ve also had taxi drivers who point blank refused to take me. The cheek?!

Last time I dated somebody on NYE, she got absoutely hammered and was going to go see the fireworks. She missed the countdown and went crazy at me, running down the hill to grab a taxi. I spent my first day into the New Year having a therapy session with my driver.

My sister toured to Japan with my mum (read: my mum went to Japan on tour with her orchestra, my sister went too… I went I Scotland… Not bitter…) and the maid accidentally collected her favourite toy, a dog named Thingmebob, up in the sheets in their room. A distraught Louise (8), cried at reception in the hotel when it was discovered, and the next morning Thingmebob came back to the hotel in a taxi all of his own – seat belt on and everything.

So take a look at their survey here!

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