A Trip To A&E

The Appendix. It’s one of the unnecessary parts in our body that we don’t actually need. I mean why is it even in there?! Did you know that the Appendix is not the only useless body part? There’s the male nipple, wisdom teeth, the tailbone…

I believe that fate plays a big part in our lives, making sure we’re in the right place at the right time. Myself and my partner Sam have been recently trying to get fitter. After leaving university, we learnt that we can’t party like the young kids nowadays. I can no longer pre-drink a whole bottle of wine…unless it’s over the course of a few hours. So, seeing as the body we have is the only one we’ve got, why not get into shape? Recently moving to a new area of London, we had a long(ish) jog around our local area and the nearby park. After we got back my nearest and dearest starting complaining of stomach pains.

Typical Sam thought I’d poisoned him. I’m sorry what?!

Does this look like a food poisoning waiting to happen?! 

Don’t answer that.

Moving swiftly away from my gorgeous Paella dish that was indeed cooked throughly, we went to bed. Cue 1.30am when Sam woke up in pain. He tried sleeping it off but awoke at 3am in more pain. I was then awoken from my slumbers with the sound of my name being shouted. In a sleepy daze, I stumbled into the bathroom to find poor Sam around the toilet bowl. #standard

I rubbed his back and told him everything was ok…I think. At least I thought I did but within a minute I was back in bed, leaving Sam to spend the next hour permanently wedged up against the bog.

After a restless night’s sleep, Sam was still in pain, so we called the GP up the road.

Sorry, we don’t have any emergency appointments available. These need to be made at 8.30am in the morning.’

Hang about, so you’re saying that we have to schedule in, when we have an emergency? If it’s anytime after 8.30am you’re screwed until tomorrow morning? PAH! So Sam hung up and told me ‘I’ll just put up with it‘.

Now cue women’s intuition. It’s all in us, maybe not so much in Sam’s case at this point, but I had a  feeling that this wasn’t just a case of an upset tummy. Now I did that typical thing of first self-diagnosing him online. I keyed in the symptoms he was experiencing whilst I told him to ring 111 (the non-emergency line). Sure enough, the results came out varied but at the top of the list? Appendicitis.

The woman on the phone told him to head into the nearest hospital for further checks. No joke, after getting off the phone he told me that we could go in the next few hours. Huh? No no, we’re going now my friend!

Whenever someone tells you we need to go to A&E, pack a bag, pack snacks and bring entertainment. This is what I’ve now learnt from the few experiences of the A&E. This ain’t some walk in, walk out crap. We were there for a good few hours and normally that’s regardless of whether there’s actually something wrong or not. In Sam’s case, there was.

The doctor we saw was extremely pleasant and a good laugh. By this point, Sam had seen a consultant who took the basic tests of taking blood, measuring blood pressure and temperature. The next one initially asked him what he thought it could be.

Food poisoning.’

Thanks Sam for making me look like a psychopath in front of the nice new stranger. And also I’m never making you Paella again.

An hour or so later, it was indeed confirmed as Appendicitis. GIRLFRIEND POINTS TO ME!

As I like to use this blog for sharing memories, here’s Sam on his drip…

At several moments, I saw him gazing at the drip in awe. You could literally see the child inside him go ‘OHMYGOD JUST WAIT UNTIL I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT THIS‘.

I left Sam to go home and grab an overnight bag. Luckily the hospital was a quick 15 minute journey via bus, so it didn’t take me long. Unfortunately Sam hadn’t touched any food all day and initially he was told he couldn’t eat anything until they told him so. Thankfully when I got back to him, they told him he could eat up until midnight. So being the amazing partner that I am, I walked the 10 long minutes into town to get KFC. The area we were in was that typical London area of being fine during the day, but all the crazies came out at night. I got there and back in one piece and it was a great sight to see such a happy Sam, guzzling down a proper(ish) meal.

The next day was probably the most emotionally draining. I got into the hospital at 8.30am and just managed to catch a minute with him until he was prepped for surgery. I then had the agonising wait until he got out. It literally took forever. I cannot begin to tell you how many steps I walked up and down, left and right trying to find out information about where he was, how he was doing and where he’d end up. Hospitals give me the creeps, ever since my nan went in for an op a few years back. I remember seeing her there and she looked so unhappy. When we began to leave, I had a huge pang of guilt, as though I was letting her down for leaving her overnight. Obviously I was younger and naive to think such a thing, but I had the same feelings when I left Sam overnight. 

After getting out, he was woozy and disorientated. Then came the pain, lots of pain! When a loved one is so distressed, you feel so helpless when you can’t do anything to make it better. I never really felt this as strongly as I did over these few hours with Sam after his operation.

Thankfully now he’s out of hospital and recovering at home. Thank you Appendix for making my love for Sam stronger and confirming that my Paella is actually edible. Make sure you send some get well love to Sam in the comments below!

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