I don’t know about you but I’m so angry and confused at the world right now. Why does there seem to be so much conflict in this day and age? Why doesn’t it shock or surprise me now, that I’ll wake up to read in the newspapers or see via social media that there’s been another mass shooting, another terrorist threat, another innocent falls victim to a mad individual wielding a gun. We seem to be living in a society where nothing’s changing. Terrorism will never go away, no matter what we do or say. If they want to hurt us, they will. So, how do we stop it? We cut off it’s oxygen by telling them we’ll never let them win. We will stand together because love is stronger than hate. Love can conquer where hate falls. Therefore, my blog tonight is going to give to you, my readers, five beautiful stories in the news this week.

Creative Dad – Disney Costumes

This has to truly win the ‘Best Dad‘ award. Nephi Garcia, a dad of three creates enchanting Disney outfits for his children to wear. Read the full article here. Now I just need to get my dad to make me one of these. HA.


An Act Of Kindness – Grandma Of Orlando Victim

After the recent tragedy of the Orlando shootings, one victim’s Grandma got a surprise when the passengers of a plane she was on, produced paragraphs and pages of emotional support to her. A true act of kindness from complete strangers. Read the full article here.


Love Has No Age – First Dates

Remember the first ever date you went on? This cheeky chap pulled out all the stops for the girl he admires. Read the full article here.


Astronaut Returns – Tim Peake’s Back!

The first person to fly to space under the UK banner since 1991, has touched back down on earth after the 186 day mission. Read the full article here.

United We Stand – Pianist Makes Touching Tribute To MP Jo Cox

It seems such a pointless and awful loss of life but celebrating each and every life is so important right now. Davide Martello paid tribute to the life of MP Joe Cox by playing John Lennon’s Imagine. Read the full article here.


Hate may scare us but it will never win. Spread love wherever you go and let’s make this world a better place for future generations to grow up in. Let me know in the comments below of any stories you’ve heard this week that have made you happy!







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