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It was 6pm on a mild evening as I strolled up the high street towards my local PureGym. I’d booked myself in for the first ever class which is free as part of the membership fee. PureGym has had everything I’ve needed so far but I thought it was time to try out one of the classes and seeing as they’re part of the package – why not!

PureGyms are literally everywhere. They’re one of the cheapest chain of gyms and they’re scattered all over the UK. London prices tend to fluctuate, depending on where you live, however what you get for the price is definitely worth the money.

I arrived at the gym feeling a little run down and ill, I’d had a tough few days and needed to jump back onto the band fitness wagon. I’m also taking some supplements at the moment to review so I thought why not fully make use of them by working out! The Pure Legs, Bums & Tums is not for the faint hearted. I entered the studio feeling pretty confident and ready to tone up those problem parts. There were plenty of people in the class and I’ve noticed that this class, as well as Pure Tone and Pure Abs fills up very quickly. On reflection, I’ve already booked ahead the next few classes (none of which are the Pure LBT as they’re all full!). 

Note – I did not look like these stock photography people. My face was the colour of beetroot when I came out.

The class was led by one of the PT’s, Jonathan Veal. Having never been in a fitness class before, I entered the studio apprehensively looking around for a spare spot amongst the crowd. We all looked as if we were lambs going to the slaughter. waiting for Jonathan to arrive. After a brief introduction, we got straight into warming up with some pumping squats which KILLED. I knew from that moment in that it wasn’t going to be easy.

We then did several sets of different work outs such as lunges and mountain climbs. By this point? I was sweating buckets but loving every minute of it. I wanted to leave the room after this section but willed myself to keeping going over the promise that the PT would give us our beach ready bodies. (Please note, I’m not talking about beach body equivalent that Protein World stupidly made the mistake of thinking everyone had the same body shape as a size 8 model)

And it wasn’t over yet. Jonathan then introduced us to the dreaded circuits. He’d placed several different exercises of which we had a minute to work out to loud dance music. I took myself over to the sit ups first, mainly because by this point, my legs were like jelly. The next 15 minutes were a combination of pain and sweat…lots and lots of sweat. We ended up pairing up and doing a combo of sit ups and mountain climbs at the end of the workout.

Next time I’m taking a towel. The sweat was ridiculous.

Make sure if you’re gym offers free classes, take them because they’re totally worth it. To find your nearest PureGym click here. Like I said, I’ve already booked myself in to a few more classes this weekend and next week! Six pack abs here I come.

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