How To Create The Perfect Eye Liner Flick!

Treating you to another cheeky beauty blog today. This time it’s how to perfect that eyeliner flick. I’ve always struggled to apply eyeliner because my eyes are pretty sensitive and therefore can sometimes be irritated by certain eyeliners. However, even though I’m unsure as to what it is in the eyeliners that causes this problem, I’ve found a couple of brands that reduce the irritation!

The biggest other issue is actually making them look the same. Normally I end up with one perfect flick, whilst the other is well…poop. It wasn’t until I had my make-up done recently for a hair photoshoot, that I was shown this handy little trick of getting the perfect cat eye flick! I started off by using my Collection Cover Up Stick in the shade Natural Beige. I always apply concealer to my eyelids as I’ve found it helps stick the eye shadow or eyeliner I’m using onto my eyelid, making my eye make-up last longer.

Then comes the helpful trick of this make-up tutorial. Now I’ve seen similar ways of doing this with different objects. As long as it has a straight edge, you can use it. I’ve even seen people use knives….little bit dangerous and wouldn’t recommend using this. Instead I used some sticky tabs, a much safer option if you ask me.

I apply these in a diagonal position to my ears, making sure that the edge is in line with my eyebrows and that it’s end point is also in line with the tops of my ears. This creates the wing effect of your eyeliner. Yes you may feel a little stupid and it’s a weird sensation on the skin but bare with. My advice when using this method is to make sure you do this before applying your primer/concealer or foundation because when you peel it off, you’ll end up taking the make-up off with it.

Using the tabs as a guide, start drawing on the eyeliner from the mid section of your eye, I like to then blend this in towards the corner of my eye duct so it looks natural. Then I’ll slowly build up the eyeliner, going as far towards the edge of the tabs as I’d like. For this I used the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in the shade Black.

Once you’re happy with the result, remove the tab and then use a brow style brush that has a thin surface area for blending the eyeliner. Repeat the process on the other side until you are happy with the result.

Hey presto you’ve just created the perfect eyeliner flick, so go out and show it off!

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