The Final Results – Gravitate

It’s been 30 days now and I’ve managed to stick this one out to the best of my ability and I’ve gotta say the results are good!

As I sit here, snacking on Pistachios(oops)…I’m actually shocked at how different the before and after results look!

The immediate difference has to be the full stomach on the left vs the flattened stomach on the right. It’s great to see that my tummy no longer looks bloated. I’ve also got more curvature in my waist which is definitely noticeable when looking at the previous picture. It’s a shame I didn’t catch the after photo in the best light because it doesn’t really give my ab definition justice. 

Having abs has always been a big goal for me so to actually see some definition appearing on both sides is incredible. With the use of the Dietvits and Sculpting supplements from Gravitate, I’ve noticed a difference in my eating habits. I tried the first couple of days on and off the supplements, finding that I snacked more when I was off them than when I was on. So does it curb cravings? Definitely. Does it give you wash board abs and a flat stomach? Yes. But of course, you need to exercise aswell! With the combined use of taking the supplements, eating healthily and doing more exercise, I’ve managed to really make some progress. Just taking the supplements isn’t going to fix the problem.

Gravitate are definitely a product I would recommend to friends and family, having already recommended it to a Facebook friend! 

The kit comes in three different price plans. The 14-day plan is £19.99, the 30-day is £34.99 and the 90-day Ultimate kit it £69.99. Get yours today here and let me know if you end up trying it out and seeing results!

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