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SecretCinema presents…DIRTY DANCING in LONDON!

OMFG. What an awesome event.

This event was so secretive that we had to seal our phones in bags for the duration of the event. Yes of course there was going to be a few people who sneakily got out our cameras to take a quick snap (cough), however what keeps these event buzzing, is that most people keep the experience a secret.

Recreating the iconic Kellerman’s Mountain House resort, an ordinary field was turned into a 360 degree experience, thrusting you back into the 80s and into the arms of Patrick Swayze…well someone who was playing him.

Dressed up in our 80s gear…ish, myself and my partner, Sean and Will united at Leyton station to be ushered by semi-American characters towards the unknown. The journey there took longer than the journey back because we were just so excited to get there. We walked a fair bit until making our way through the ‘bear land‘ until we reached the entrance of the Kellerman’s resort. Upon arrival, we checked in our bags, sealed up our phones and headed into the resort. The boys immediately caught the attention of the volleyball court and we had a good 10 minutes of playing with new friends until myself and Will went for a much needed drink at the Mountain House. We spotted Kellerman’s son, Neil along the way who was trying to grab anyone who had a special talent, to perform on the bandstand. After grabbing the somewhat pricey drinks, we headed back to the dedicated volleyballers (Sam and Sean) to replenish their waters…with beer.

After finding out the password to the ‘staff quarters‘ we headed inside to an array of characters dancing away, including Baby and Jonny breaking the mood to reenact the iconic scene where Jonny first teaches Baby to dance. Once it was finished, they dispersed and the lights changed to signify normality. 

Whilst I sorted my hot self out in the ladies, the boys played an intense team vs team game of get the hoops on the sticks and get the bean bags in the hole. I have no idea what this game was called, hence why I’m literally describing what they needed to do to win.

As it neared 9pm, the 800 or so ‘guests‘ sat down in front of the big projection screen to watch Dirty Dancing. Interspersed with reenactments by performers as the scenes went on behind them, added excitement and audience interaction to the mix. Even the cold weather and damp ground wouldn’t crush our spirits as we sang along to ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life‘ at the top of our lungs, as film Baby and performer Baby were lifted into the air in this final scene.

The event is ticketed and is already sold out but here’s the price list, just to give you an idea for the next one that comes along.

Standard Ticket (16+) – £65 + booking fees

VIP Ticket (16+) – £129 + booking fees

Student Ticket (16+) £38.50 + booking fees (with valid Student/NUS card only – proof is required on entry)

We and the boys had lots of fun and it was certainly a once in a life time experience. You could say we had the time of our lives….#bemybaby

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