NYX Suede Lipsticks

OHMYGOD. I can’t quite believe that NYX has finally graced the Boots stores of the UK. What has for so long been a US of A beauty brand, the UK finally gets to see what all the fuss is about. Ok, so I could have ordered it and shipped it over but girl that’s well pricey!

Introducing my three new babies to my make-up collection. Now my lipstick/lipgloss collection is becoming quiet an obsession. I’m literally in love with the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks and I can certainly see myself buying more of them (sorry bank balance).

I brought three of these and was gutted to find that they didn’t have the Sandstorm shade in stock, as this was the shade that I had lusted over. I first saw it being worn on Instagram by one of my friends, Alice (see below) who’s lip game is always on point.

Alice wearing the shade Sandstorm

Now unfortunately they don’t stock NYX in all Boots stores but hopefully this is something that will change in the future. There’s only a couple in London and I went into the Piccadilly Circus branch and was pretty impressed by the scope of NYX products they had on offer. The prices of the lipsticks are pretty reasonable at £6.99. However if you live over in the US they are only $7, meaning they are slightly more expensive here but I’m guessing that’s due to costs of shipping the products over from the US. 

I wanted to buy ALL the shades but I thought, better start off with a couple, calm down Natalie.

From left to right: Subversive Socialite, Cherry Skies and Soft Spoken

The first one and probably my least favourite of the three is Subversive Socialite. My only bug with this one is that it isn’t as pigmented as the other two. You can see above that it’s a lot thinner when applied and I could see my lip colour coming through. I also find it difficult when applying a darker lip as it tends to just go everywhere. If this had been more pigmented, it would have been a lot more easier to apply.

Soft Spoken is by fair my favourite. I love nude colours on my lip as I feel it’s the perfect casual shade to wear both in the day and evening. I this one has a more pink colour to it but it’s like my natural lip colour, but more enhanced. I love how fast these lipsticks dry but they also keep them moisturised, meaning they won’t cause chapped lips!

Cherry Skies is another beautiful shade. I love a sexy, deep red colour on the lips and it goes great with a smokey brown eyeshadow. The doe foot shaped wand makes application very easy and this colour is perfectly pigmented to leave a rich, dark red on the lip. I also think this has well suited my tan from Spain! I mean, look at my teeth. Those are some pearly whites…

Do let me know if you’ve purchased some NYX lipsticks yourself and tell me what your favourite shade is!

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