Interracial Love Endures Everything

Today’s post comes from a new guest blogger Nancy Cooper. Love has no colour, it has no age, no disability and no gender. Unfortunately it would be naive to think everyone’s views on love has changed. However, there is such a beautiful defiance growing in numbers every day, to show others that love isn’t traditional, it’s changed for the better. Give this a read and be sure to share the love.

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Today we see that humanity has really changed its treatment of interracial relationship. As everyone realizes love hasn`t any limits and laws, it was wrong to make them in the first place. Of course, you know there were periods in our history when interracial love was forbidden and was considered as something unacceptable and immoral. But this resistance to confining to what was seen as the norm, courageously got through such difficult periods and now luckily, all this is behind us.

Today we have an incredible opportunity to live in a tolerant society because finally, people have understood that it doesn’t matter who you are and what your skin color is. It doesn’t matter for love where you are from and what your creed is! Today anything is possible. People of various ages, different social classes, nationality and religion can fall in love without any superstition and condemnation. Love – desirable or unexpected, equal or one-sided, sensual or chaste – rules the world and makes it so fabulous.

I think it’s great. I think love, in general, and interracial love particularly is beautiful. Love inspires us to do crazy things and makes us happy. And I know a lot of wonderful interracial couples that live in love and harmony. They stay together and really care about each other no matter what. Nothing can stop them. As proof, you can read famous interracial love quotes or, for example, cute quotes about black love and ensure that the difference in skin color, worship or place of residence isn’t a barrier to such an eternal and splendid feeling as love.

One more striking example is a more wider variety of interracial love films. They are so popular and it’s even trendy to talk about romantic relationships. The best examples of the films which tell us the love stories about the wonderful power of love battling prejudice are The Bodyguard, 2 Days in New York and Loving. Bodyguard is a real classic of interracial love films. It is a romantic thriller film about a hard working professional bodyguard, Frank Farmer, and about the love story which emerges between him and his client, Rachel Marron, a famous singer.

The Bodyguard
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A historical drama Loving based on a true story, namely, a judicial process of Loving against Virginia can leave nobody indifferent. This is a touching story of Richard and Mildred Loving that were sentenced to imprisonment for interracial marrying. Comedies also bring this theme up with 2 Days in New York. A classy romantic comedy about an artist, Parisian Marion, in the midst of her midlife crisis and her son comes to New York and starts a cozy relationship with a DJ Mingus. But suddenly their relationship is put to the real test when Marion’s relatives from France come to New York on their vacations. Oops, what a surprise!

I adore these films and love re-watching them. What films do you prefer? Please let me know in the comments below.

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