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I feel very strongly about body positivity because I still think it’s something I’m trying to achieve, even now when I’m in my mid-twenties. You see, like many other women, I’ve grown up seeing certain types in the media whether that’s on the television, online or in print. There’s an expectation almost that if you are anything other than what they portray, it’s wrong.

Body ConfidenceOnly in recent times has this stereotype been challenged. We now have more retailers catering for larger sizes and bigger women are now being seen on front covers of magazines or on the catwalk(ish). One thing that I’ve recently noticed is that if you’re anything more than a C cup size in a bra, the design of lingerie becomes more limited.

This exclusion for both men and women of all shapes and sizes is slowly but surely being rectified and thank god it is, because it’s been going on for far too long. 

I’ve spoken about body confidence on my blog before and how I’ve struggled to find it myself. I think it’s a battle that most of us will be fighting throughout our lives so how do we promote body positivity to each other? 


Rally Behind The Brands Who Challenge The Status Quo is one of many independent sites that have been founded by those who are sick of seeing little change in some of the bigger, commercial stores. We as individuals don’t understand the power that we have when we rally together. 

Nobody should be made to feel imperfect and everyone is beautiful. So supporting brands who challenge the status quo, especially small start-ups businesses, can actually have a big impact on what society does and doesn’t accept.


Bite Back At The Haters

I don’t mean for that heading to come off as aggressive but those who often critique or bully those who look different, often have insecurities of their own. A lot of us (and we probably don’t always admit it), let this sort of attitude go un-punished. Just like homophobic and racist comments on social media nowadays, those who body shame often feel the wrath of karma.

No one is born hating another person, it’s often influenced by what we see and who we look up to. That’s why it’s important to call out these individuals so that they can hopefully see things differently.


Support Those Who Need Supporting

Body confidence definitely crops up in conversation a lot when I’m with friends. It’s not surprising that many of us aren’t happy with the way we look so supporting one another is important.

Talking about body confidence needs to happen more often and I for one keep alot of my body woes hidden but when you open up, you get an overwhelming sense of content and I urge anyone who knows someone with body confidence issues, to support them in any way they can.


Know That Nobody’s Perfect

I believe that body confidence isn’t something that’s always perfect. Even if we feel sexy or empowered with our body, there will always be another life event that knocks at our confidence. But we need those knocks to build ourselves up. 

Know that nobody’s perfect and that constantly striving for perfection will only leave you feeling empty. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

What are your feelings towards body confidence? Let me know how you promote body positivity in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.

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