Misfit Cosmetics – Blackhead Extraction Paste

You may have spotted my last blog post on Misfit Cosmetics where I introduced the brand after they kindly sent me a few of their products to review. First up is the Blackhead Extraction Paste which is probably one of their most talked about products over social media. The likes of Olivia Buckland from ITV’s Love Island and many other beauty bloggers have been jumping on the peel-off bandwagon to show off this beauty product.

Blackhead Extraction Paste

The peel-off mask comes in a tube and surprisingly contains a good amount of paste. Be careful to wipe the nozzle after use otherwise the mask fuses over the lid, making it difficult to use again.


The paste is a thick and tacky substance and I fully recommend doing a patch test on a sensitive part of your arm and on parts of your face. I’m talking a 5p sized application as this is going to be pulling out all blackheads, dirt and very fine hair from your pores. Instructions recommend you apply the product evenly over parts of the face that require it. The first time round I applied it to my nose and all across the skin under the eye area. I also applied it to my forehead and chin. After 25 minutes, you check that the mask has hardened and is no longer wet. Wriggling your face to help loosen the mask, you then peel it off in one go.

Mask peeled off

Now I’m going to be honest here and tell you that it freaking killed when peeling it off my cheeks. As someone with sensitive skin, I should have known better but hey I was excited to try it! Nevertheless I won’t be applying it to that area again because it definitely inflamed my skin. Nothing painful or long-lasting but it was immediately clear that my sensitive skin didn’t like it. The nose area, forehead and chin however did like the product and as you can see from above, all those tiny white dots are dirt, fine hairs and blackheads that came off my little snout.


So was their a difference? Well see below…

Nose before and after
Before and After

My nose is possibly the oiliest part of my entire face. It’s where I seem to collect the most dirt and where the most spots form and appear. The proof of what came off my nose was clearly on the mask but I also saw a notable difference on my nose. The oiliness had severely reduced and left it looking a lot less greasy. The fine hairs that had been removed, reduced the appearance of any clogged pores I had on my nose. I do have freckles on my nose which is annoying as it makes my nose look as though it’s dirty (it isn’t I promise!). 


Since then I’ve been using it once or twice every week and I’ve seen quite a difference in the appearance of my skin. I recommend using a toner or cleanser straight after using the product and then to also apply a hydrating moisturiser afterwards as the skin can become a little parched and dry after removing the mask.


I would highly recommend this to people with very oily skin and those who have regular blackheads. It costs £12.99 currently and is available for pre-order, so it certainly is a popular product!


Why not try it out and let me know in the comments below what you think.







Disclaimer – I was sent this product in return for my own, honest opinion.


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