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I recently received this press release in my inbox and felt it too important not to share on my blog. I love using my blog as a platform for building brand awareness and I think this event certainly deserves some much needed credit.

Conflict Cafe is a pop-up restaurant that was launched by peace-building charity International Alert. It’s returning for it’s third year in London from 22nd September – 2nd October 2016 to inspire more strangers to start conversations about building peace through food.

This year’s chefs will be providing guests with cuisines and histories of Lebanon and Sri Lanka, helping diners to celebrate the power of food in breaking down barriers and getting people to resolve their differences. I think this is an incredible yet simple way of combating topics that would otherwise cause heated arguments but instead, by sharing everyone’s mutual love of food, it will hopefully inspire a positive outcome.

Conflict Cafe is part of the Talking Peace Festival organised by International Alert, the charity established by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other visionaries 30 years ago in a bid to secure an end to some of the world’s most bitter disputes. Diners will sit at communal tables in the underground tunnels of House of Vans in Waterloo on London’s South Bank and will enjoy traditional dishes while finding out more about the issues facing the countries concerned.

The event will begin with Lebanon week, showcasing a country which has had it’s cuisine enriched by a million refugees, mostly from Syria, though with the accompanying conflict and hardship. The following week will focus on the flavours of Sri Lanka where International Alert first started their peace-building work 30 years ago.

Rebecca Crozier, International Alert’s Head of Emerging Programmes, said:

“Across different cultures and continents, food has the power to bring people together and encourage the act of sharing. In some Middle Eastern countries, it is custom for the perpetrator of a crime to cook a meal for the victim and their family as a way of fixing broken bonds. In Europe, too, we find ways of using food to calm domestic storms, to unite communities and bring neighbourhoods together.

“We hope that Conflict Café will give diners a glimpse into the diverse cuisines and complex histories of some of the countries where we work, highlighting the positive role that food can play in peacebuilding.”

Tickets for Conflict Café are on sale now. For updates and where to buy tickets click here.

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