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Having always walked past this brand numerous times in store, it wasn’t until I saw this highlighter palette on another beauty blog that I said to myself ‘I’m getting that palette the next time I’m in Superdrug‘. And I did just that. Lottie London has always caught my eye due to it’s colourful packaging, especially it’s makeup brushes. As a recent collector of highlighters, I’ve started to branch out more and test those brands that I’ve always been too money conscious to buy.

Shimmer Palette Packaging

And I mean, I’m earning money from my blog so it only seems right to reinvest it into buying products that maybe my readers might like. The Lottie London Shimmer Squad Palette comes in four very different shades and costs £9.95. With each pan being just under £2.50, that’s pretty good value for money. The pay off on each shade is incredible and is probably the best shadow highlighter I’ve ever bought. It beats the Sleek Summer Solstice Palette as this one is more suited to my skin tone and i’s warmer than the Sleek shades.

Inside packaging

Since buying the palette, I’ve been reaching for The Good Girl and The Trouble Maker. I’m a little unsure as to whether The Flirt is a little too dark for my skin tone. I think it will work well though once I have a tan. The staying power of the powders are pretty good but I think using a setting spray locks it in for longer. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each one individually…

The Good Girl

The Good Girl is very similar to The Queen Bee, as both are a golden shade. This one is a little colder though with brown under tones. I love wearing this on my cheek bones as it shows up pretty well. It’s not too dark so it’s the perfect match for my pale skin.

The Flirt

This one is the darkest shade and is like a brown bronzer. I’m tempted to use this on top of my contouring because at the moment it’s just too dark for my pale skin. GOD DAMN IT.

The Troublemaker

I LOVE THIS SHADE. It’s icy white and it’s perfect for my alien pale skin. I’m so excited to use this around the festive period because it’s reminds me of frost and delicious baked goods. I’m going to look like a star for Christmas 2017. Bring it on! I also love using this down the centre of my nose and on my cupid’s bow. 

The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is my favourite and not just because the shade name is amazing but the pigment is a perfect golden bronze. It’s slightly warmer than The Good Girl and I find it gives me a more healthier glow over my foundation. 

swatches of highlighter

The pans are very pigmented and the swatches below are from just one swipe of my finger. I actually prefer applying highlighter with my Real Techniques Setting Brush as it’s packed bristles pick up the product really well whilst still distributing it evenly. It’s a shadow highlighter but it does feel a tad creamy which I love as it helps with gliding onto the skin. I’ve not actually tried any of these over my lips (top tip if you want to give your lipstick a bit more of a pop) but from just looking at the shades, I think The Trouble Maker would look great over Red and so would The Queen Bee.

What do you think of Lottie London? Are there any brands you’d like me to try out? Let me know in the comments below.

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