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I’ve been meaning to get some new business cards for a while now and I’ve up until this point, cursed myself for not getting it done sooner after being asked multiple times at events if I had one to give out.

Introducing these little beauties from Zazzle. It’s the second times that I’ve purchased blogging business cards from this website. I love the little slim design of this card and I think it’s just enough space to show off my blog’s logo and include any relevant information on the back.

It’s great to finally get some consistency running across the majority of my social media and I think it’s important for a brand to have consistency.

I brought three packs of twenty, as the more you brought, the bigger the savings (yes, I’m a sucker for sales tactics). The total price came to £19.56 which I thought was pretty good for 60 cards and I’m sure these cards will be going into the pockets of those that will help my business grow!

My favourite thing about using Zazzle, which I’m pretty sure is a feature on many of these websites, is that I can upload my design onto the card. This means that it is exactly the same logo as the one on my site. I always get a little apprehensive when the order arrives, that everything has been printed correctly and so far, they’ve all been perfect. Money well spent I’d say.

Business cards are pretty essential if you have a business, whether it be a property owned business or online, make sure you get yourself some of these cards to show off!

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