Five Things I’d Wish I’d Told Myself Before Moving To London

I’ve been living in London now for over 2 years. Like how is that even possible? Time really does fly and I’ve noticed it so much since leaving university. It’s actually quite scary how fast it’s going and I’m constantly wishing that the days would slow down! I remember the blog I wrote back when I first moved down to London, see it here. I was so full of excitement and almost naivety of what London was going to be like. I’m not saying that excitement has died down, there’s always a buzz in London, but the reality of the big town and my career aren’t as easy and straight forward as I first thought. Here’s five things I’d wish I’d know before moving to London.

Don’t overspend

If you’re going to spend money, spend it wisely. London has something going on almost all the time and it can be very easy to get swept away with it all but be careful not to overspend. I found that my money went pretty quickly especially as I wasn’t used to spending such a ridiculous amount on rent/bills and then food and other necessities. Oh how I wish my parents lived in London…

London gets lonely 

For a place that is populated by thousands upon thousands of people, London does feel pretty lonely sometimes. I found that I suffered from this loneliness because of not having my partner around all the time like I used to in Aberystwyth. I also found not having my family close by was tough for me, being in such a big city for the first time. I would have told myself back then to make more of an effort to just communicate more with family and friends to fill that void.

Expect your personal space to be invaded

This is one of the aspects that I still struggle with. London is the central hub for tourism and London is fast becoming an overfilled city (I mean it probably is already). The city never stops and the summer holidays are probably the worst as it’s prime time for tourists. I would have told myself to expect my personal space to constantly be invaded!

Take more photos

When I was at university, I would ALWAYS take photos. I regret not taking more when I first moved to London but I think this was because I’d been constantly snapping at university and wasn’t keen to pick up my camera for a while. However, I’m now only noticing the beautiful scenery we have around London and I’d really like to just go for a walk one day to snap some photos for my blog.

Get away from London

As much as I love the big city, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. I wish I’d had more time and money to get away from London more often as it can be such a relief to just get away for the weekend and not have to deal with thousands of commuters and breath in some fresh and not so polluted air!

Do you live in a big city? What would you tell yourself back then?

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