Have A Fashionable Workout

During a good workout, you can’t stop your makeup from running. Your hair will probably get matted and you’ll sweat from seemingly impossible places. However, there is a way to still look cute. If you’re the type of girl that doesn’t need to look cute while you workout, then kudos. But some of us like the added confidence boost that a cute outfit can provide. Maybe it’s the encouragement you need to try that new machine at the gym without feeling self-conscious. Or maybe it’ll will give you that extra push to run the neighborhood trail during the busiest time of the day.

Whatever your reasons, if you want to look good during a workout, there are a few easy ways to go about it. And thanks to the continued popularity of the athleisure trend, there are are plenty of tips out there that can keep you feeling cute while you’re breaking a sweat.

Wear Clothes That Fit Right

If your clothes can affect how you feel, a slouchy T-shirt and baggy pants will likely make you feel unkempt and unfeminine. On the other hand, a properly fitted top and some leggings can make you feel like a gym goddess. They’re also ideal for activities like yoga and Pilates, where your body form is important. It’s a lot easier for an instructor to help you with your poses if they can see your shape.

Most importantly, Livestrong stresses the importance of the proper shoes. Not only will they support your feet, they can also aid in your posture. And while correct posture is crucial for aerobic activities, it’s also more flattering than slouching.

Buy a Pushup Sports Bra 

A sports bra is a undeniable necessity when you’re working out, but that doesn’t mean it has to make you look like a boy. Keep your femininity and invest in a push-up sports bra. Your hair might be messy, and you might feel gross, but every time you check your workout form in the gym mirror, you’ll see a perky reminder that you’re still girly and beautiful.

Who knows, it just might inspire you to do some extra chest workouts. According to an article from Women’s Health, with a few specific workouts, you might be able to lift your assets naturally in the future.

Try the Latest Brands

Sure, any old shirt from a chain store can get the job done. But how much better do you feel when you’re wearing the latest looks in workout clothes? Quality, high-end clothes can make you look and feel like a movie star, even when you’re drenched in sweat.

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function either. Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 line on Lyst is a collaborative creation between the designer and Adidas—meaning you get all the high-fashion style of a top designer, with the performance of a sports brand. Try the Lux Track Jersey Hoodie for a sleek, sporty look. Or grab a pair of Printed Jersey Leggings to give your outfit an eye-catching pop of colour.

Just because you’re working out, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. Take advantage of a few of these tips, and you can continue to look great, feel great, and still kick some serious butt at the gym in the process.

This is a guest post by Jade Vogel

Jade is a freelance writer based out of Phoenix. She enjoys writing on anything related to fashion in addition to baking, running, and finding the best fashion deals in Arizona in her spare time.

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