Summer Vs Winter

I cannot deny that I’m missing Summer right now. I think it’s because it’s been probably one of the best ones here in the UK, that we’ve had in a LONG time.

My wardrobe still sadly remains in a weird 3/4 summer and 1/4 winter state and I just can’t seem to find the motivation or the wanting to pull out those chunky ass knitwear leggings and jumpers from the plastic storage boxes that are currently looking desolate and unwanted in the corner of my room. So to make me feel better (or worse), I’m challenging the seasons – it’s Summer Vs Winter!


There’s nothing better than wearing next to nothing on holiday and walking into a local bar/cafe without a care in the world. I mean can you imagine doing that here in the UK?! I love Summer clothing but the downside to it is that there’s not normally a lot of material, meaning it’s not always long lasting especially when it comes to things like sandals. Winter however is another story. I cannot deny that I wholeheartedly love my chunky cardigans, knitwear and leggings. There is nothing better than being inside when it’s freezing cold and wrapping up in layers and layers and layers of material. I also find winter clothing to last longer obviously because of the thickness of it all!


Of course this involves no competition whatsoever. I LOVE THE WARMTH. I am the type of person who when in bed, will wrap themselves up into a human sausage roll, scream in pain if bare skin is uncovered and has in the past, kept their next day’s clothes in bed with them just so they’ll be warm when I put them on in the morning…#i’vebeenthere

Food & Drink

I certainly do enjoy the amount of soup and hot food I consume on a daily basis during my lunchtimes. I find that I always gravitate towards the hot dishes when the cold call of Winter comes around. However, it’s a subject I also find myself in limbo with because summer food is always where I find myself eating healthily. That ‘beach body ready‘ phrase seems to be permanently etched in my mind every time my hand reaches out for a chocolate bar. NO NATALIE. 


I tend to let myself go at times which I actually think is beneficial to my skin and body. We all have those moments where we think ‘Screw it. Today I’m going to go an extra day without washing my hair and I’m not going to bother slapping my face with make-up‘. And when do I do this? Most of the time I do it over the summer period, especially when I’m on my holidays. I just tend to embrace mother nature and let my body breath. In the winter however, I am crying internally at the tan I’ve slowly and painfully built up over Summer, disappear within an instant. Thank goodness for contouring and bronzers!


I mentioned in a blog here, that I am one of many who suffers from seasonal sadness. I hate the feeling I get during the winter and it plays havoc on my mood and how I am with those closest around me. Summer is the complete opposite and I am loving life, making new friends and smothering my boyfriend with affection rather than lobbing him on the head with my hot wheat bag (aka Mr Piggy).


Regardless of your workspace, I feel my attitude differs depending on whether it’s hot outside or cold. When it’s hot, the only thing I can think about is sunbathing and drinking strong cocktails. When it’s cold, I am hitting the boil on that kettle like the world’s coffee supply is about to end. Either way, finishing work means I go and enjoy the last rays of sunshine or curl up in bed and binge watch Netflix.

Weighing up the pros and cons of these two seasons, I’ve got to say that I think Summer wins. Although I love the warmth of the clothing, nothing beats the blazing sun beating on your bare skin as you sip or chug a pint of the finest lager or cider (or whatever beverage you prefer) and bask in the beauty of this season. I feel like it just beats Winter in a lot of places. Sorry Winter but I’m breaking up with you, I want to be with Summer.

Do you agree? What do you like more, Summer or Winter? Let me know in the comments below.

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